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      what sort of writers u need, i can find few for u, and about their remunerations

  1. Ali Shah said:

    Dear Sir,
    Your website is very impressive and easy to use. can you guide me with the contact details of your developer so that I can get the website developed for myself.

  2. Ronuq Shah said:

    Jinnah was a BRITISH AGENT , He never acted like a Muslim
    He married a young girl from Parsi family used to DRINK Daily and
    Eat Pork as a favorite Food,Ne never recited Kalma or Read Quran
    Or Entered in any Mosque for Jumma Prayer.His Daughter Son in Law
    And all Grand Children are not MUSLIMS
    His REAL mission was to KICK OUT Muslims from India to AFGHANISTAN
    Areas and Baluchistan From LAHORE to Khyber Pass is Afghan Territory occupied and Sindh was TALPUR Dynasty Baluchistan was a COUNTRY
    British took it under agreement of Durrand it was ONLY for 99 years expiring 1992. so if INDIA was kept united then LAHORE to Khyber would had been Given
    Back to AFGHANISTAN as this area belonged to them
    It was all SUPER POWERS Game to fight Russia with Muslim Blood in the name
    Of JIHAD supported by DOLLARS.Jinnah met many times with US Consul in
    New Dehli even long before 1947,
    Jinnah , Nehru, Gandhi and Sardar Patel were all TRAITORS of Subcontinent.
    With DECLASSIFIED ITEMS in London it is very Easy to PROVE..They are
    Responsible for the Murders of Millions of People and the MISERIES we face
    Now in Kashmir,Baluchistan ,Waziristan and other parts of IndoPak
    Jinnah agreed with the British Raj on ANYTHING and EVERYTHING ,like Partition of Bengal,
    Partition of PUNJAB , the RIGHT of the Maharaja of KASHMIR to join India or Pakistan ,So Raja
    Joined INDIA with his own WILL because JINNAH AGREED It was Jinnah;s historic blunder but
    Also Jinnah started Direct Action Day in 1946 Calcutta that killed thousands of innocents Muslims
    And Hindus that was the MAJOR cause of Violence in 1947 But Jinnah was never arrested even for a second
    Cause he was a PAID British Agent and responsible for the Miseries and Killings by converting
    A PARADISE Kashmir into a MUSLIM Slaughter House causing social destruction of the every fabric of the society

  3. Krishna Pachegonker Aurangabad-Maharashtra said:

    sir, your website is really very brilliantly designed with factual contents and the reality of Kashmir which is cut off from mainstream India due to the wrong policies pursued by by all the union govts so far! I was for a month in the valley last year and found rural people are so hard-working, honest, helpful and urge real peace with all Hindus as well as India!

  4. naveed said:

    Sir i have subscribed to your weekly digest, when it is going to take effect, i mean i am in hurry to read the digest

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  7. vilop said:

    Sir,the bleady outfit terror group Lashkar-e-islam in J & K threatening to target service providers is a serious issue.These terror groups is disturbing the environment by terrorism in our country.This matter should be taken strictly and terrorism should be dismantled & wiped out completely from the universe. They have no future. These terror groups should be hunted down by the security forces without any mercy…
    Vilop.k.g , 09620504282…India

  8. Shahid said:

    Kindly spellcheck news article you post on the webpage. Typos can be seen every now and then in your news articles and it doesn’t look professional

  9. Rafiamukhtar said:

    Asalamu alia kum,
    i am a writer, i want u to give me a chance to work for kashmir life.

  10. Rafiamukhtar said:

    i think kashmir life is the world’s best site, that provides us a ton of information within seconds.

  11. Rafiamukhtar said:

    I deem kashmir life is the world’s great site for masses.

  12. Ashraf Ali said:

    Dear Kashmir Life!
    Your magazine is Life itself!
    Some of the articles i read here were no less then tajalliats or flashes of sprituality.
    I ve never seen such intellectual stuff among Indian Muslims as i ve stayed for a long time in Delhi also.
    I am a believer in God and i believe that if God wishes to revive a nation he revives the intellectuals first.
    Seeing the kind of journalism displayed here just increased my faith in my Lord that the 1000 year old trial and tribulations will soon be over from the Islamic Umma.
    The souls were sick and tired of hatemongers , slanderers, gossippers, and the worst of all the ignorant speculators like the one above writing about Mohammed Jinnah and your writings have healed them.
    Anyways…may God bless you all and reward you all with his pleasure and Glorious Company.


    Assalamuailkum sir, I mailed an article “ROLE OF DAEE IN A CONTEMPORARY SOCIETY” please publish my write-up. Thank you.



  14. Mansoor Ahmed Bhat said:

    A women from village buran pattan was hit by train around 4 30 pm .she died at spot near railway track through buran.which is in close proximity to railway station Pattan

  15. Mansoor Ahmed Bhat said:

    With due respect sir,as everyone knows kashmir is going through turmoil since last summer and students have to appear in neet not too far now.In these conditions students appearing in board exams get relaxation but what about students appearing in neet.Are they really prepared to appear in the exam.It is ironic that everyday they see their brothers die,mothers and sisters harassed by Indian forces and they are prepared to appear in neet.In our kashmir where a person leaves home live but returns dead,who will guarantee the safety of students or will parents let their wards to go out.Are our students mentally prepared to appear in neet.since last summer coaching centres have been on and off so are our students reday to face challenge of neet exams.The brutalitis of Indian forces stamped scars on the mentality of our students.will they be able to appear in exams remains the question.there are many questions to be answered in this respect.I hope sir you will write something about this.Thank you.

  16. Dr Narender Nagarwal said:

    Lets talk with Kashmiri youth before it too late
    Major Leetul Gogoi who used human shield of Kashmiri youth has been conferred with special courageous medal by the COAS. By this gesture, Indian Army has acknowledged the “courageous act” of the Major Gogoi, who is still facing COI (Court of Inquiry) from the Indian Army. The local army unit of Badgaon (J&K) has its own clarification, as why they used Kashmiri youth as human shield. According Major Gogoi, he wanted to escape from stone pelters youths on the streets and thus used Kashmiri youth as human shield on army jeep. The incident took place on 9th April 2017 and Major Gogoi’s clarification comes on 23rd May 2017. This stomach churning episode has shocked the conscience of all human rights activists all over the world and the human rights organisations of international repute. I personally, feels that this action of the Indian Army would further deteriorate the Kashmir situation. It is imperative to break the vicious cycle of violence instead of furtherance it and it cannot just be done with brute force. If the answer lay in stamping out protests with an iron boot, the youth would not be back on the streets after over a hundred killings and blindings that followed the death of militant commander Burhan Wani last year.
    The Indian Army has a glorious past not for all wrong reasons but for respect the human rights, highest standard of professionalism and acknowledging the International Humanitarian Law applied during armed conflict zones. I respectfully disagree over the government’s order to conferring special courageous medal to Major Gogoi. The government should deal with Kashmir issue so diligently and restore dialogue with all Kashmiri leaders to ensure peace in the region. Day by day Kashmir’s situation has been convulsed in lethal violence as stone pelters and security forces continue to fight pitched battles. Each battle is getting more intense and horrible-schools have been shut down, ruckus on the streets and imposition of curfew almost daily. The last one left three civilians dead and over 60 security personnel injured. The governments, at the State and the Centre, must demonstrate an appetite for a political conversation with all stakeholders including stone pelters misguided youths. These youths are nobody but our own children, the government must show some maturity and sensitivity towards Kashmir. If the school going girls and boys pelting stones, its means something is not correct in Kashmir. The Valley is precariously perched and the ball is in the government’s court. It must reach out, sooner rather than later, before it too late.