Energy articles

Paupers’ Prize

Water-abundant and energy- deficient J&K’s first major leap into the lucrative energy sector was in 1999, when the resource-scarce government started implementing Baglihar with a petty bank overdraft. Sixteen years later, it’s Rs

The Overseas Battle

As hundreds of workers were busy burrowing tunnels and laying tons of concrete in the Baglihar gorge, diplomats and water experts from Delhi and Islamabad were fighting a war of nerves overseas. Masood

Celebrating Baglihar?

Kashmir was subcontinent’s second place after Mysore that had access to hydropower, albeit limited to the Palace at Zabarwan Hills and the M A Road, as early as 1905. After creating 19 projects

Engineering Enigma

The narrow gorge that houses J&K’s most modern dam continuously surprised the people tasked to tame the ferocious Chenab in one of the most unstable mountain ranges. While retrieving the project in 2005

Big Brother Around

After taking off from Salal, NHPC emerged as India’s hydropower behemoth but could never disconnect itself from J&K. Even in Baglihar, it had its own history of getting in and moving out, reports

Fearlessly Foreign

In 15 years, the highway township of Chanderkot played host for hundreds of engineers from diverse nationalities. With the project being handed over to the owners, the engineers will fly home with interesting

Highway Hangover

The existence of Baglihar Power Project consumed its namesake village forever not before giving name, fame and prosperity to Chanderkote. Fifteen years after the ‘change’ swept over, Bilal Handoo visits the area to

Shift The Mindset

Directly involved in power management in J&K since 2002, J&K’s Finance Minister Dr Haseeb A Drabu has restored dichotomy in state budgeting, separating power from the rest of the public finances. For the

Wheeling Energy

Baglihar has two separate systems for energy transmission and both are efficiently working, reports Riyaz ul Khaliq Even as weak geology of the mountains housing the dam and the power station threw up