Unrest articles

Loopholes Within  

The summer 2016 uprising was unprecedented in every respect, as it left hospitals across Kashmir flooded with injured and dead. Saima Bhat reports the magnitude of tragedies which also helped Kashmir’s ailing healthcare

Stop Press

Ruling journalist-abundant party created new precedence by banning a newspaper in 2016 summer. But there were many other incidents that are unlikely to get buried in the footnotes of history, writes Masood Hussain

Systemic Silence

Five months after the first pellet victim walked into SMHS hospital amid sloganeering and charged up tempers,   Tabish Rafiq Mir visits the hospital only to find probing eyes and sealed lips In July,

Daredevil Drive

He drove 3 kms with 300 pellets in his arm to reach the hospital. Once his wounds healed nightmares followed. Heena Muzzafar tells this brave heart ambulance drivers story and struggle for peace

Bemdoora Bamboozle?

For most of the last half a  year, the fateful encounter that killed teenage rebel Burhan Wani has remained a sort of riddle. Aakash Hassan revisits the village to understand the costs that

That Last Drive

Shams Irfan spent 24 hours in Tral and was part of the multiple funeral prayers that swelling mourners offered on July 9. Five months later, he drove back to the southern town and

Blocked Gateway

After four killings on highway connecting Kashmir with Delhi, an eerie silence replaced noise of engines. Aakash Hassan revisits the tragedies that kept the highway shut for forty days at a stretch As