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Siachen Glacier: Time Line

Originally known as Saicher Gharni, legend has that a small Yarkandi village existed at the entrance of the Teram Shehr glacier where Yarkandis would meet the Baltis. Once Yarkandis descended the Ghyari nala

Tulbul Revived?

After the failure of the last round of bilateral talks between India and Pakistan over the controversial Tulbul Navigation Lock, New Delhi has indicated seeking international arbitration under Indus Water Treaty. At Ningli

‘Memogate’ And Kashmir

Efforts at resolving Kashmir have often involved people who never exist in public imagination, and they are used to achieve informally what is impossible or difficult to defend publically for the governments. Iftikhar

Consensus on Slow and Steady

India-Pakistan Foreign Secretary talks ended on a quiet note in New Delhi perhaps signaling a willingness to make bilateral engagement uninterruptible and go slow on all issues. Iftikhar Gilani analyses the nature of

Compulsive disengagement

With domestic political compulsions leaving India and Pakistan unable to come to any agreement on less contentious issues like Sir Creek and Siachen, there are little indications of a meaningful dialogue between the

Engaging the Generals

Resumption of diplomatic engagements between India and Pakistan may not be helpful unless, experts say, India talks directly to the Pakistan military. Iftikhar Gilani reports.

Musharraf’s Kashmir deal

Former Pakistan President Pervez Musharraf talks about his Kashmir plan – that was aborted after he lost power – in an interview with Myra Mcdonald of Reuters in London. The foreign secretaries, or

Pakistan fires Indus Commissioner

Pakistan has removed its Indus Commissioner as right-wing Pakistani newspapers had been baying for his blood since the World Bank gave a go ahead for the Baglihar power project with minor modifications. Iftikhar