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Lost Again

Lost Again

Fourteen years after people normally move out of jail but Muzzafar Rather could go to gallows in West Bengal in absence of good defence, Aakash Hassan reports the cycle of hope and despair

A Pistol Thief

What is the extreme a thief can do in a conflict ridden place like Kashmir? Meet Deena, who literally vanished with an army officer’s service pistol. After persuasions and promises of anonymity Jibran

Bemdoora Bamboozle?

For most of the last half a  year, the fateful encounter that killed teenage rebel Burhan Wani has remained a sort of riddle. Aakash Hassan revisits the village to understand the costs that

That Last Drive

Shams Irfan spent 24 hours in Tral and was part of the multiple funeral prayers that swelling mourners offered on July 9. Five months later, he drove back to the southern town and

Cometh Crackdown

A series of crackdowns starting from old Baramulla coupled with valley-wide whip on dissenters stirred up the haunting memories of those harrowing days in Kashmir when such exercises would force civilian population tremble