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Burhan, Islamabad and Gwadar

Delhi manipulated post-1965 support in Kashmir and permitting a minority political class to grow gradually and dominate the scene now. Strategic affairs specialists Pravin Sawhney and Ghazala Wahab argue in their book that

Partition To Tashkent

Moscow’s role in the UN has remained fundamental to New Delhi’s Kashmir policy. The base for this role was laid when the top Soviet leaders were hosted by Bakshi Ghulam Mohammad in 1955.

Think First, Jump Later

Teenage techie apart, the one thing that made a posthumous Burhan Wani towering in Kashmir’s recent history was his capacity to create a rebel module in backyard jungles without crossing the LoC. An

Kashmir Needs A New Healing Touch

by Shyam Saran My association with Jammu and Kashmir revolved around two distinct but nevertheless closely related dimensions. One was in the foreign policy context, involving our relations with Pakistan and China. The other

The Bloody Quarter

Amid street expectations that a protracted bloody strike would force Delhi talk to Islamabad and Srinagar, it took an inverse turn towards the more serious confrontation between the two countries, instead. But Kashmir

War, Is It?

Almost three months and scores of international squabbling matches after, Delhi and Islamabad are inching toward a confrontation to satisfy their national egos. But Kashmir wonders why in the age of knowledge and

Over To Geneva

After six fortnights, nearly 90 coffins and over 13k injured, neither of the stakeholders has mellowed down. Separatists are unrelenting; the governments in Delhi, Srinagar and Islamabad are unwilling to compromise their stated

That Televised War

It has been 17 years since India and Pakistan fought a ‘localized’ war over the hills between Zoji La and Siachen glacier. Following Vajpayee’s Lahore initiative, months after the nuclear tests by the