Conflict articles

Separated by a bullet

Every single killing in the summer 2016 unrest left behind a story of pain, loss and festering wounds that will take its own time to heal. But there are stories which will be

Undoing EDI

Second attack in eight months has pushed the EDI into space-scarce that may force it operate from the tents for the time being. In the season of surgical strikes, the question being asked

Fractured Future

With major city hospitals struggling to manage pellet and gunshot injuries, around two dozen boys are struggling with facial fractures at the dental college. Mohammad Raafi reports…

Charar After Mast Gul

When the Frontier fighter Mast Gul descended down from peaks with his group for a winter sojourn to the revered Chrar-e-Sharief, it led to a 66-days standoff in early 1995 summer. Most of

The Bravehearts

They were toddlers when Kunan tragedy became international news in 1991. Two decades later, five girls approached court and reopened the shut and closed case. Mohammad Raafi locates the Kunan petitioners to understand

A Grave Issue

Apparently to prevent mass gathering at militant funerals, security grid has abandoned the practice of transferring foreign militant corpses to residents for burial. Instead, they are being dispatched to distant places. In wake

Jihadi Jaish

Prime Minister Modi’s unscheduled Lahore visit was the most dramatic turn in India-Pakistan bonhomie, so far. As the excited diplomats were moving to implement the ‘Comprehensive Bilateral Dialogue’, the non-state actors jumped into