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Bloody Sunday

Bloody Sunday

One of the bloodiest polling days in Kashmir’s recent history left 8 dead and over two hundred injured. Zubair Sofi manages to travel through the still seething Budgam to report the tragedies Funeral

Budshah’s Nallai Mar  

For ages, rulers in Kashmir have constructed canals to improve life and production. But there is no ruler who could come even closer to Budshah. While most of them survived for half of

Campaign Whispers

With massive tensions at ground zero, PDP and Congress candidates pitted for the South Kashmir Lok Sabha seat are busy in a lethargic, low-cost, low key campaign, reports  Akaash Hassan. At the funeral of Hizb

Brides for Sale

There are hundreds of non-local brides in Kashmir. While some marry on their own and live happily, a huge number of them are lured, sold, re-sold by an ‘organized system’ serving those who

Delayed Degrees

A two year PG course takes more than three years to complete in Kashmir University, leaving students in a fix. Saima Bhat talks to students who regret enrolling at Kashmir’s once prestigious institution

New City Set-up

Messed by trash and waste for generations over the decades, capital Srinagar city have grown haphazardly with clear lack of developmental forecasting. As J&K government is seeking funding for converting the capital city

Google Gets In

With J&K exhibiting one of the highest cell phone penetration rates in India, data dependence is luring searching giant Google into the state, very soon, reports Masood Hussain J&K has finally crossed the


After the recent reshuffle in the cabinet, albeit at a small level, chinks in PDPs armour were too visible. The story that an unelected lot has taken the family route to shepherd the

Retarded Recruitments

With the unemployment being officially considered a major factor responsible for most of the ills in Kashmir, why are official recruiting systems exhibiting a sub-average pace, Saima Bhat asks Mohammad Altaf was one

Just An Encounter

For last more than two decades, it is quite normal in Kashmir to have an encounter, a gun battle between fugitives from law and state’s counter-insurgency grid. But, what it sometimes means to