Special Report articles

Rediscovering the State

Insisting that the notion of representative democracy has changed and the fundamental shifts have taken place in the governance systems, Dr Haseeb Drabu was seen pushing his ideas of empowering the lawmaker to

Sopore Massacre

In Kashmir’s troubled history January is drenched in blood, literally. Jibran Nazir revisits the gory memories of Sopore massacre that consumed fifty three civilians changing the apple town’s landscape forever   At 8 am

Stop Press

Ruling journalist-abundant party created new precedence by banning a newspaper in 2016 summer. But there were many other incidents that are unlikely to get buried in the footnotes of history, writes Masood Hussain

Stand Still Lives

Burhan Wani’s killing literally froze Kashmir in a time capsule. And public transport was no exception. But the plight of hands behind the wheels got lost in the maze of everyday tragedies. Heena

Turmoil Turbulence

On July 9, suspension of mobile and internet services proved fatal for businesses who couldn’t reach their clients and vice-versa. A number of deals got cancelled forcing small start-ups in to relocate or

Cometh Crackdown

A series of crackdowns starting from old Baramulla coupled with valley-wide whip on dissenters stirred up the haunting memories of those harrowing days in Kashmir when such exercises would force civilian population tremble