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Ravaged Rohingyas

For almost half a decade, hundreds of Rohingya Muslims are living in Jammu almost in pathetic state. Aakash Hassan visits the Narwal ghetto to understand the situation in which Burma stripped them of

Godman’s Goose

In a dusky Pulwama hamlet residents invited a faith-healer, rehabilitated him and created a huge asset base for a spiritual centre by contributing land. After Pir’s demise, when the property passed to his

Spare The Faith

Masood Hussain After formally throwing open a bookstore in Dal lake in May, Chief Minister Ms Mehbooba Mufti made an apparently innocuous comment. “It is a matter of concern,” Ms Mufti said, “the

Relic Resurgence

After remaining shrouded for centuries, an old city family stumbled upon the Prophet’s relics and rare manuscripts fundamental to Kashmir’s transition to Islam. Establishing the twin lineages in their family, the discovery details

The Big Jama’at

Had Jama’at-e-Islami not offered its resource base and the vast organizational skeleton, MUF might not had been as important as it eventually proved, reveals Syed Asma Jama’at-e-Islami’s (JeI) entry into Muslim United Front

Sarore Sorrow

The morning police raid on Gujjar hutments in Samba is not an isolated incident. Syed Asma talks to the community living under the fear of extremism in a highly politicised belt On February

A Shariah Sultanate

Within decades of their rule when Muslims were still a minority, Shahmiri Sultans took the advice of their spiritual leaders seriously and implemented Shariah, writes Sara Wani At the time Shahmirs’ were trying

Hindu Subjects, Muslim Rulers

As the internecine fighting between feudal lords and kings triggered an unending appetite for Turkish mercenaries, Muslims from the neighbourhood trickled in as traders, fighters, refugees, and preachers. Once Mongols leveled Kashmir to

Kashmir’s Mlecch Era

Abortive takeover bids did not prevent the Muslim influences from impacting the Kashmir society. Long before Kashmir’s transition to Islam, the new faith existed and thrived even during the Hindu rule, says Sara