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Neglected Discoveries

What lies beneath is the question that has baffled archeologists for long. Perhaps the answer lies in discoveries made on and off. But an uninterested government, and resource deficit department is only erasing

Highway Hangover

The existence of Baglihar Power Project consumed its namesake village forever not before giving name, fame and prosperity to Chanderkote. Fifteen years after the ‘change’ swept over, Bilal Handoo visits the area to

My Kashmir Connection

The events of 1947 forced a Pakistani family to abandon their summer holiday house in Gulmarg. Now a garrison, the house still evokes memories of a golden era for Omer Tarin A famous

Tel Aviv Outhouse

Away from the Srinagar’s politics a small tourist spot in Pahalgham is heaven for Israeli tourists. They spend their days watching ‘birds’. Suhail A Shah on his visit to Aru meets a few

Lotus: Yet to Bloom

Indu Dhungana On April 6, 2014, I landed at the Srinagar airport in my first visit to the fabled ‘paradise on earth’ called Kashmir. The weather seemed hostile. On my first step on

In Ravaged Kathmandu

Among thousands of volunteers busy helping Nepal come back to rails after the devastating earthquake, there  are  a few from Kashmir too. Engineer Abdul Wajid, who is still in Kathmandu, uses cellphone for

Nourooz in Persia

By: Syed Iliyas Ali Rizvi With the rebirth of nature, indeed across the world, Nourooz is celebrated with rich cultural traditions. With distinct variation across different countries, Nourooz is a time to come