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Loopholes Within  

The summer 2016 uprising was unprecedented in every respect, as it left hospitals across Kashmir flooded with injured and dead. Saima Bhat reports the magnitude of tragedies which also helped Kashmir’s ailing healthcare

Importance of Breakfast

By Nahid Khilji Ever wonder why your mom always insists you to have breakfast when you leave for school, college, or work? Well she is right. Breakfast is an important element of your

Foods to Fight Depression

By: Nahid Khilji Food is not only responsible to alter your body composition; it also helps in regulating your mood. Depression is a sad and unhappy feeling which most of us experience at

Daredevil Drive

He drove 3 kms with 300 pellets in his arm to reach the hospital. Once his wounds healed nightmares followed. Heena Muzzafar tells this brave heart ambulance drivers story and struggle for peace

Do I really need Fiber?

By: Nahid Khilji   Fiber is all that you have been hearing these days on TV commercials. Dietary fiber is found in cereals, pulses, fruits and vegetables. Fiber like other nutrients is essential

Ten wonder foods

By: Nahid Khilji 1) Yoghurt – It is probiotic in nature. Yoghurt has friendly bacteria which strengthens our digestive system. Apart from this, it also boosts body’s immune system protecting the body from

Near Death Experience

by Tariq A Rather It started with swelling in my left leg calf muscle area around first week of September, 2016. I showed it to my journalist friend, who advised me to start

What We Saw

Overwhelmed by the number of injured and dead arriving at the hospitals since July 9, young interns struggled to cope up with the stress and nightmares. Muhammad Raafi reports On July 9, 2016,