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What We Eat?

Ever thought what goes into the making of food we eat at restaurants and fast-food joints? A quick look at stocks these eateries get from outside and a rotten world comes to fore.

Stopped to Die

Once again ambulance drivers became target of law enforcing agencies while ferrying injured. Aabid Hussain met one driver who survived with a broken arm and a lifelong guilt On April 9, 2017, Nisar

Symptoms for a Healthy Heart

By: Zeenat Farooq Heart, the centre of circulation, is one of the vital organs in our body. From Bollywood to health journals, and further to clinical outcomes, this organ has always occupied a

Stinking Sopore

Once famed for its apple orchards and pristine streams, Sopore town is fast turning into a literal dustbin. Of nine metric tons of waste generated daily around ninety percent ends up in marketplaces

Stay Healthy this Winter

By Nahid Khilji Winter, people say, is the time for comfort, good food and staying warmth. However, winters bring along cool temperatures, snowfall, hails, which at times might seem scary and terrible, but

Beware of Synthetic Milk

DR ZUBAIR AHMAD WAR Srinagar: Milk is the physiological secretion produced by the mammalian animals.  Mammals have specialised organs called mammary glands to produce milk to feed their young ones. Species like cows,

Loopholes Within  

The summer 2016 uprising was unprecedented in every respect, as it left hospitals across Kashmir flooded with injured and dead. Saima Bhat reports the magnitude of tragedies which also helped Kashmir’s ailing healthcare

Importance of Breakfast

By Nahid Khilji Ever wonder why your mom always insists you to have breakfast when you leave for school, college, or work? Well she is right. Breakfast is an important element of your

Foods to Fight Depression

By: Nahid Khilji Food is not only responsible to alter your body composition; it also helps in regulating your mood. Depression is a sad and unhappy feeling which most of us experience at