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Ladies with Lamp

Ladies with Lamp

By dusk of April 22, multiple candlelight vigils were held in different parts of the world against Handwara killings. The vigil being a brainchild of a Kashmiri lady living in US was participated

Pushed To The Wall

In various cities and towns across India, Kashmiris are prone to face harassment and societal exclusion. These dangers became visible recently when various groups were targeted for staging peaceful protest demonstrations against the

The Un-Silent Valley

An event in London held to celebrate the literature emerging from Kashmir besides developing a multi-perspective understanding of Kashmir, talked about giving people space to explore their own stories. Amina Rawat reports Kings

For the love of their homeland

Scores of Kashmiris settled abroad are coming to the forefront, raising a voice for their native land. Almost every one of them is trying his or her best to highlight the plight of

Kashmir in America

The second generation of around a 1000 Kashmiri American families feel more closer to their ancestral land and are making small efforts in their own way to help alleviate sufferings of their brethren. A Kashmir Life report.

Heard in the high offices

M Farooq Kathwari roped in diplomats, academics and intellectuals to study Kashmir and suggest ways to bring honourable peace to the strife-torn paradise. A Kashmir Life report.

Woman on Ground Zero

The efforts to build a mosque near 9/11 site has raised a controversy in the US. The endeavour has a Kashmir connection apart from the rage that the state witnessed after a pastor proposed to desecrate Quran to protest the construction of the mosque.  A Kashmir Life report.

Remember you in Prayer

Mohsin Mohi Ud Din I remember the horror and anger and helplessness I felt when my aunt, Icia, was murdered by security forces in the early 1990s in Kashmir. It woke me up

Lessons from Egypt

Farooq Amin I recently undertook a business trip to Egypt, famous for its rich history and some of the world’s most famous monuments, including the Giza pyramid complex and The Great Sphinx. With