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A Pistol Thief

A Pistol Thief

What is the extreme a thief can do in a conflict ridden place like Kashmir? Meet Deena, who literally vanished with an army officer’s service pistol. After persuasions and promises of anonymity Jibran

Love, That Wasn’t?

The reluctant love marriage that recently ended with suspicious death of an English teacher of Srinagar seems to have an uncanny resemblance with a typical love-crime plot. With final investigations yet to confirm

Poppy Pop Up

Marijuana is outdated. Now poppy cultivation is popular in Kashmir because it yields better, faster, is less labour intensive and has a niche market where prices do not matter. Masood Hussain details the

Bride Burners

The alarming trend in which families resort to kerosene and a match-stick instead of counselling, to manage conjugal discord, is worrisome. A society that has come out of sati, barely a century ago,

Man Behind the Mask

Only an investigation will reveal if the Bandipora shootout that killed Altaf Dar, J&K Police’s larger than life investigator, was a chase or a trap. But the mourning in police encouraged top militant

Ah, Set Afire

With conflict dominating the discourse, the ugly side of Kashmir’s routine is consigned to individual memory. To this was added a mother of two daughters last week, whose smouldering pyre was not extinguished

Driven to Death!

With an alarming rise in domestic violence cases women find themselves in a fix between reporting abuse and saving their marriages. Muntaha Hafizi reports crimes that often get dusted under the carpets (A

An Addict’s Story

He started smoking for fun but once he landed in a college in Delhi things turned ugly. With drugs like cocaine and cannabis easily available inside campus Hashim couldn’t resist. Saqib Mugloo tells

Memon Memories

As Yakub Memon’s hanging triggered a debate across India, various Kashmiris knowing Mumbai’s Tiger after 1993 refreshed their memories telling Bilal Handoo how Delhi pre-empted his terror plans A summer before guns rattled,

Predators @ Work

With just 3 cases a year related to harassment of women at workplaces reported in Kashmir, we are a proud lot. But one look beyond numbers and a rotten world comes to life.