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Walls Do Speak

A group of artists joined hands to restore abandoned structures in tourist hot-spots across Kashmir. But that is not all they intend to do. Saima Bhat reports the idea behind Alif foundation Next

Food on the Go

Not everybody can afford glitzy restaurants and fast food joints that now dot Srinagar city. There are thousands who still throng city’s famous Food Street that has survived both competition and change. Zafar

Forgotten Shab Daig

The wazwaan country has literally forgotten a winter specialty that once ruled the elite Kashmir kitchens, perhaps more often than Harisa, laments Tasavur Mushtaq Intense cold, heavy snowfall and massive load shedding this

A Kashmir Rediscovery

In Kashmir’s new digital divide era, J&K’s Department Of Culture surprises everybody by coming up with a wall calendar that brings state’s 12 priceless artefacts to people’s living rooms by rediscovering cultural roots,

Thali Dance of Ramban

by Rajinder Singh Rana The vibrant culture of Jammu and Kashmir is a beautiful amalgamation of religions, festivals, food, art, crafts, dance, and music which fills its canvas with hues and vibrancy of


An interesting post-partition creation, Kashmiriyat is popular in Delhi than in Srinagar. But what it means and why everybody is talking about it these days, Masood Hussain explains “I was happy to see

Tibetan Tastemakers

Kashmir being a melting pot of different cultures witnessed  footprints of exiled Tibetan tribe in late fifties that ended up redefining the local taste buds half a century later, Heena Muzzafar reports  There

Penman’s Peregrination

Life takes a full circle, quite literally. Syed Asma talks to noted Urdu and Kashmiri essayist Prof Mohammed Zaman Azurdah to piece together dots of his life through partition, poverty and painful memories


By: Syed Iliyas Ali Rizvi and Mona Hossaini ‘Araste’ (Nowrooz celebrations in Afghanistan.) Nowrooz, contrary to the popular perception, is not merely a community centric tradition. It is a philosophy, a concept, and