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Mamu Matters

Mamu Matters

Brothers have always taken an extra-step in ensuring that their sisters survive respectfully. Zubair Sofi tells story of a family that returned from the brinks of destitution many times and eventually became healthy

My Friend Aatir

They lived in the same locality and shared the school, the playground and the mounting concerns in the streets. Then the fate separated them. Now, Jibran Nazir is the only one of the

Forgotten Shab Daig

The wazwaan country has literally forgotten a winter specialty that once ruled the elite Kashmir kitchens, perhaps more often than Harisa, laments Tasavur Mushtaq Intense cold, heavy snowfall and massive load shedding this

Zaiba’s Homecoming

A Pakistani travel reporter Danial Shah and an Indian photographer Mithila Jariwala teamed up to report Zaiba’s homecoming to Turtuk after nearly half a century. The border Leh village was part of Pakistani

In Dignity of Labour

A lonely greying man who lives by selling cardboard scrap, has performed Haj, plans a second Mecca pilgrimage and is already a respected inspiration, reports Jibran Nazir At the crack of dawn, shortly

Kashmir in Dehradun

Limitation of options and cut throat competition leaves little scope for majority of students to stay put in Kashmir. They migrate for studying in private colleges outside Kashmir and return with certificates, Zafar

Hari Singh’s legacy

by A G Noorani It is appropriate that Kashmir’s last Dogra ruler, Hari Singh, should be restored to favour by chief minister Mehbooba Mufti. Her record would have endeared her to him. On

A Pistol Thief

What is the extreme a thief can do in a conflict ridden place like Kashmir? Meet Deena, who literally vanished with an army officer’s service pistol. After persuasions and promises of anonymity Jibran

Streetlights and Hairstyles

By Tabish Rafiq Mir Streetlights and supermarkets, shopping malls and ships, traffic lights and terraces, autos with meters and buses with tickets (and not sprouting with people): I hadn’t been warned. Men with

Charred under Snow

A devastating fire in godforsaken Rajwar valley left villagers at nature’s mercy, literally. Zafar Aafaq visits the beautiful valley to report the devastation “The fifteen crucial minutes that could have prevented the fire