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Food on the Go

Food on the Go

Not everybody can afford glitzy restaurants and fast food joints that now dot Srinagar city. There are thousands who still throng city’s famous Food Street that has survived both competition and change. Zafar

Stinking Sopore

Once famed for its apple orchards and pristine streams, Sopore town is fast turning into a literal dustbin. Of nine metric tons of waste generated daily around ninety percent ends up in marketplaces

That Reading Room

It was just a small space that helped Kashmir’s well-read gentlemen to see a future in wake of Russian and French revolutions that got Kashmir out of an exploitative monarchy. Post partition, there

A Radar Change

As India and Pakistan armies fought its first formal battle over Kashmir in 1965, a small village in Budgam paid the ultimate price. At the height of war, the village and its orchids

Life in Colours

A fourth generation Rangar is struggling to save the traditional art of dyeing the yarn from onslaught of modernity and indifference. Jibran Nazir meets the man who fears his tryst with colours will

Distress Calls

The aftermath of Burhan’s killing left families divided across Kashmir. There was no way one could have reached their loved ones studying outside Valley. To ease the pain a group of volunteers offered

Stay Healthy this Winter

By Nahid Khilji Winter, people say, is the time for comfort, good food and staying warmth. However, winters bring along cool temperatures, snowfall, hails, which at times might seem scary and terrible, but

A Major Death

When a young army major was brought out dead from her Bari Brahmana quarter, the story ended with the assertion that it was a suicide. As investigations continued for 44 days, it was

Beware of Synthetic Milk

DR ZUBAIR AHMAD WAR Srinagar: Milk is the physiological secretion produced by the mammalian animals.  Mammals have specialised organs called mammary glands to produce milk to feed their young ones. Species like cows,

Mamu Matters

Brothers have always taken an extra-step in ensuring that their sisters survive respectfully. Zubair Sofi tells story of a family that returned from the brinks of destitution many times and eventually became healthy