Policy articles

Rediscovering the State

Insisting that the notion of representative democracy has changed and the fundamental shifts have taken place in the governance systems, Dr Haseeb Drabu was seen pushing his ideas of empowering the lawmaker to

Life @ 4500

Ever thought how casual labourers’ manage their lives in a pay check that looks more like a stipend. Jibran Nazir reports how broken promises forced them to explore other options for survival After

Talking Trilogy

In wake of separatists’ demand for right of self determination and unionists stand for restoring undiluted autonomy, Masood Hussain sees Delhi’s new trilogy apparently misleading It is tragic that every time it takes

Dignity of Labour

Dr Haseeb A Drabu, J&K’s Labour & Employment Minister is working on an idea to improve the situation of private sector in such a way that pressure on government jobs reduces significantly. He

Model Shift

After doing away with the traditional dichotomy in state’s income and expenditure, Dr Haseeb Drabu has silently started changing the system of development planning at the district level, reports Masood Hussain For decades,