Personality articles

Ali Mohammad Sofi

At a time when state government has already decided to reload its armoury with thousands of fresh hunting guns (pellet guns), a labourer named Ali Mohammad Sofi, 55, is making news for all

Traffic Cop

A recent video of a traffic cops asking for bribe is doing rounds on social media sites. But the incident is not an isolated one.  In the minute long video, seemingly shoot with

Touseef Mustafa

The picture of a sub-inspector trying to strangulate a senior photojournalist testifies what media persons have to go through in a place like Kashmir. The photojournalist in the picture was Touseef Mustafa, the

Mushtaq Ahmad Bhat

Witnessed by hundreds of awestruck passersby Mushtaq’s life came to an end in a very pathetic and painful way at Srinagar’s busy Budshah Chowk. Mushtaq, along with another person was repairing electric lines

Tanveer Hussain

Sports icons around the world do land up in crisis for one or the other reason. In icon-devoid Kashmir, however, they were embarrassing when politics started using them to create a new narrative.


Dr Muneeb Faiq, 34, a highly acclaimed clinical researcher from Kashmir, working on glaucoma, neuro-degeneration and diabetes at All India Institute of Medical Sciences, in a groundbreaking study has discovered a new type

Abbas Khan

Muhammad Abbas Khan, a soldier serving the Indian Army became restive when his mother’s dead body was not reaching home for burial. When officials turned down his plea for providing the transportation, citing

Masarat Alam Bhat

Masarat Alam Bhat, the pioneer of 2010 people’s uprising, was only 19-year-old when he first went to jail in 1990. Since then Masarat, known as the resistance’s poster boy, has been in and

Devender Singh Rana

After state’s finance minister Dr Haseeb Drabu presented the budget for 2017-18 in Legislative Assembly with focus on micro-credit and operational efficiency, he probably made his longest budget speech. Hailed by the members