Panchayat articles

It is Red Hot

As controversies trigger a lot of heat and dust, the unionist political camp is suddenly hyperactive. While Chief Minister makes his problematic “relative” to eat his words, almost every third Panch and Sarpanch


The cancellation of the block development council (BDC) elections after being notified last week was yet another reminder of the grim state of governance in J&K. For most of the post partition history,

A view of Sarpanch protest-Photo:Bilal Bahadur.

A Stillborn Initiative

Panchayats were touted to be a vaunted zenith of a democratic initiative. While the first of the three tiers of Panchayat election is still fighting a battle for recognition and empowerment, the second


By the middle of November, J&K will have block development councils in place and with this the second tier of Panchayat Raj system will be functional. Notifications have already been issued for the


Political Vacillation

The politics in Kashmir valley reminds of a beautiful joke which I had once quoted in these pages. Swami Agnivesh may not like to be reminded of it but in his electioneering days,

Lost Faith

Ever since the conflict broke out in Kashmir valley, north Kashmir’s Palhalan village has been at the forefront of violence. Beneath a deceptive calm, the village is undergoing a dangerous political and religious


Panchayati Raj Institutions were peddled to usher Kashmir in a new era of gross root development but the mysterious assassinations  triggered mass resignations and a fierce debate over the system being crippled well

Now funds flowing

After making them organise into associations and resorting to protests, the government overnight turned pro-active. As the administration is tasked to ensure all transfers to Panchayats within a fortnight, the government is pumping

Panchayat Polls

The election of thousands of Panches and Sarpanches to village bodies was trumped as percolation of ‘democracy’ down to the grassroots level, but the elected ones are frowning. The 16-phase Panchayat elections, held