Life Story articles

A Death Knock

One after another tragedies knocked at elderly Zaiba’s door leaving her at the mercy of her neighbours for survival. Aakash Hassan meets the family whose two earning hands were devoured by cancer   In

In Dignity of Labour

A lonely greying man who lives by selling cardboard scrap, has performed Haj, plans a second Mecca pilgrimage and is already a respected inspiration, reports Jibran Nazir At the crack of dawn, shortly

Makeover Man

Pained by the amount of garbage littering his once beautiful village, an NRK rushed home and took a broom to do the job. Jibran Nazir reports how Tariq’s efforts changed the stink into

Un-amputated Dreams

He lost both his arms to an accident but not his will to survive and excel in life. Meet the Jammu boy Chandeep Singh Sudan, the fastest para-skater in 100m. Tabish Rafiq Mir

Scavenging A Living

For him collecting trash from Wullar Lake is a way of life, and a means to sustenance. Meet Bilal, who started at 13, now collects 12,240 kgs of trash annually, both to clean

Daredevil Drive

He drove 3 kms with 300 pellets in his arm to reach the hospital. Once his wounds healed nightmares followed. Heena Muzzafar tells this brave heart ambulance drivers story and struggle for peace

Managing Life

An unattended high tension wire left young Sajad A Lone handicapped for life. He lost both arms and will to survive. But an angelic intervention from a stranger helped him keep going. Zafar

Mobilising Immobility

After a life changing injury left him bed-ridden Dildar Ahmad Shapo, refused to spend time cursing his luck. Instead, he drove from Kashmir to Kanyakumri in a customised car, reports Aakash Hassan Some

My Friend Bakk

The story of Ilyas Najeeb is one out of the jungle book. He nursed an injured leopard cub for eighteen months at his house till they became best friends.  Aakash Hassan tells his