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Firm of Liberty

Firm of Liberty

As the situation crowded the jails across the state, not many could afford to arrange their court battles. It was then a legal firm chipped in aiding hundreds of incarcerated—especially youth booked under

The Bravehearts

They were toddlers when Kunan tragedy became international news in 1991. Two decades later, five girls approached court and reopened the shut and closed case. Mohammad Raafi locates the Kunan petitioners to understand

Bitter PIL

Imdad Saqi has been using PIL for a very long time now to make systems work. This helped him manage getting back a manuscript from Himachal Pradesh after half a century, reports Saima

Reserved to Rot

Ideally, under-privileged and backward category population should get one chance to improve its mobility. But the politically motivated reservation set-up over the years has created a maze that is surviving at the cost

Blood on Turf

The wait is not over yet. Nine years have passed since army’s ‘bad-boy’ Rambo killed four youngsters in broad daylight. Saqib Hussain Mugloo recounts the happenings of that day and the long wait

Decapitated Justice   

After its repeated calls for an independent investigation in mass graves SHRC is decapitated. Shakir Mir spends a day at the commission to see how things work without a head Last week, Abdul

Jail tales

Picked up by BSF on suspicion during troubled 90s, Riyaz Ahamd Hajji ended up spending 19 years in torture centres and jails across India. Syed Asma tells his painful journey from guilty to

Alam in Uproar

At the peak of 2010 mass unrest, police put a million rupees booty on his head. When arrested, cops got Rs 25 lakh instead. As Masarat Alam, the separatism’s poster boy walked out