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Assembly Inputs

Assembly Inputs

Regardless of the outcome of the brief assembly session that concluded last week, Kashmir Life offers key statistics that the session fetched on various sectors in different interventions that lawmakers made. Some of

Wine Shop

A Study in J&Ks Drinking

All of a sudden, liquor is in sharp focus. Two successive attacks within 24 hours in the twin capital cities of the state have led to new forces’ deployment order and additions to

The Government’s Armies

J&K government is the employer of the last resorts in the state that is suffering from comparatively high unemployment rate and lack of a vibrant private sector. Job creation in the government sector

Census 2011: joint family is past

The district level data that the Census Organization released last week offers new insights over the way we live in J&K and the state of rudimentary facilities we have access to. The most

J&K: Houses and the Households

India’s Census Organization has released datapertaining to buildings, their use and the occupants besides the basic requirements of the population living in them. Vast changes seem to have taken place since the census

LoC Travel: Seven Years After

Opening the Jhelum Valley Road (JVR) connecting Srinagar with Muzaffarabad, the Pakistani administered Kashmir (PaK) capital in April 2005 was a path breaking initiative between India and Pakistan on Kashmir front.  A Kashmir Life report.

Banks In Business: A Half Year Review

 After three tumultuous summers, banks operating across J&K are up and kicking. In the six months ending September 2011, their deposits – mostly CASA, have surged from Rs 45694.63 crores in March 2011

Zooming In On Kashmir

The Ministry of Home Affairs commissions a major survey of Kashmir to gauge the Kashmiri’s bent of mind when it comes to politics, media, awareness and more. Kashmir Life gains access to the

Information One Can Use

The autumn session of the state legislature was planned brief. But whatever time it had, it was devoured by the crises that were not listed – PDP resolution on the unmarked graves, the

Labour Migration

Seasonal migration of labour is just a routine in Indian states. Kashmir’s for centuries have been moving out of the valley, mostly to Punjab, during harsh winters to make a living. A Kashmir