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A Tragic Life

A Tragic Life

After a young singer was released from detention by army during 90s, he confined himself to his room and took solace in drugs. Now his aged father goes door-to-door collecting alms for survival,

Human Shields

After a mobile user recorded a few seconds of footage showing soldiers using a Shawl weaver as a human shield, moments after he cast his vote in the low-polled Lok Sabha by-elections, Kashmir


As the four districts are trying to get a semblance of routine after losing 77 youth in 2016 unrest, amid frequent interventions in bloody encounters, the region is going to polls early April.

12 Years Later

Twenty three days after the Sarojni Nagar blasts killed 62 people and left 210 injured, Delhi Police swooped on two homes in Kashmir and arrested the “accused”. They discounted their defence that they

Stones bleed

Pellets, bullets apart, while stones lead to injuries, there were some killings too, reports Saima Bhat Stones were portrayed as the weapon of the weak. While it is clear that the stone pelting

Just An Encounter

For last more than two decades, it is quite normal in Kashmir to have an encounter, a gun battle between fugitives from law and state’s counter-insurgency grid. But, what it sometimes means to

Oh, Jana

The hope of having him alive keeps Jana Begum going. A witness to five deaths in last two decades, the old lady is waiting for her disappeared son’s return for the last 15