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Zainakote Conversion

Zainakote Conversion

Budshah found the karewa an ideal spot to oversee a bird abundant wetland, hunt and rest. Shahmiris gone, the garden became a habitation and gradually an industrial area that in last thirty years

Deconstructing Budshah

Kashmir’s medieval Sultan Zain-ul-Abideen was tolerant, secular, humane and lover of knowledge and art. He built Kashmir and faced challenges as any other ruler did. He fought his elder brother initially and later

Teing’s Last Secret

Does regular discoveries of artefacts and coins in Dalwan village point to a larger secret? Saima Bhat visits the place to unravel the mysteries of Buddhism’s greatest treasures Some fifty years back Kashmir

Hari Singh’s legacy

by A G Noorani It is appropriate that Kashmir’s last Dogra ruler, Hari Singh, should be restored to favour by chief minister Mehbooba Mufti. Her record would have endeared her to him. On

A Statesman

In 1947, Kashmir was literally independent for many fortnights. After rumours about the major princely state joining India, there was Poonch rebellion and tribal raids soon after. As Nehru, Patel and Lord Mountbatten

Women In Kashmir Tehreek

  After centuries of suppression when Kashmir launched its struggle to regain the life of dignity and honour, it was not a male-only battle. Dr Shazia Malik traces the roots of women participation

Sheikh Abdullah, A CIA Profile

April 8, 1964 J&K state government released Sheikh Mohammad Abdullah after withdrawing the Kashmir conspiracy case. It was a major development that was written about in most of the world simply because of

1947: The Last Letter

At the peak of 1947 Jammu Massacre, a 17-year old bride in Bhaderwah was waiting for her professor husband with their midnight summer’s child in lap that two letters came. For Tahira Sultana,

Silently Similar

Changing masters and the political geographies have not altered one routine, the summer tensions. Masood Hussain reports the peak crises that have frequented Kashmir during summer for many centuries (Syed Ali Geelani being

That Televised War

It has been 17 years since India and Pakistan fought a ‘localized’ war over the hills between Zoji La and Siachen glacier. Following Vajpayee’s Lahore initiative, months after the nuclear tests by the