Handicrafts articles

Noori 2.0

After seen being cradled by Omar Abdullah in March 2012, the cloned Pashmina goat Noori went out of sight instantly. Four years later, Noori is now mother of two kids besides an inspiration

Golden Hands 

They are the golden hands behind intricate designs and motifs that make Kashmir’s heritage handicrafts famous. But the same hands are on the brink of begging if not held on time, reports Syed

Craft Kangri

For centuries, Kashmir has fought winter with the peculiar firepot, the Kangri. A visit to kangri-makers and understanding the supply demand chain makes Shakir Mir to report that the darling of Kashmir winters

Silken Strokes

Everybody in the family thought he is overqualified to be a carpet weaver. But this fine arts student was dreaming of a revolution in the industry. Syed Asma visits him to see some

Wailing Artist

There was a time when his handmade wooden bangles would find takers in German markets. Sehar Qazi meets the artisan who finds it hard to survive after foreigner tourists abandoned Kashmir  Mohd Sultan

Tech Interventions

From memorizing intricate designs to digitalization of Kashmiri’s art heritage, handicrafts sector has come a long way. But is technology really helping artisans to ease their workload, Durdana Bhat finds out Forty-five-year old

Buyer Tales!

It was a mélange of colours on display at the 6th annual international buyer-seller meet literally. Saima Bhat talks to buyers from across the world to get snippets of their experience and the