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Drabu Direction

Economist Haseeb Drabu’s maiden budget as Finance Minister is being projected as the new Bible of the PDP-BJP coalition. Given the rudimentary shifts effected, the two parties need to gear up to manage

Budget 2014 -15

 With the fiscal deficit under control and the overall growth rate better than the national average, J&K is anticipating to spend a record Rs 43543 crore in the next fiscal. In the 14th

No case for taxman

A Supreme Court order has shagged off the taxman from the backs of industrialists and on the way saving them a whooping Rs 900 crore. A Kashmir Life report Right now, it is

MS Moneybag

Every time Prime Minister Manmohan Singh lands in Kashmir, he makes promises to change the socio-economic discourse by pumping resource to manage the deficit. But the projects are either caught in the delay-web

Budgeting Next Fiscal

J&K’s yearly requirement for funds are increasing with every passing year. But the interesting part is that while the devolution from the central tax poll are marginally down, J&K’s own tax base is improving gradually