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Rediscovering the State

Insisting that the notion of representative democracy has changed and the fundamental shifts have taken place in the governance systems, Dr Haseeb Drabu was seen pushing his ideas of empowering the lawmaker to


A law that allows banks to take over the mortgaged collaterals in case of willful defaults has taken Kashmir by storm after a division bench of the Supreme Court made it applicable to

Compromise #1?

Ruling PDP accommodated miner lawmakers of its partner to block non-locals in mining sector. A day later, it faced an embarrassing situation when the same ally forced it to bury key land bill.

Southern Focus

As Kashmir assembly begins its stormy budget session, the opposition is united in disorder. The objective is to have some impact on Chief Minister’s election from south Kashmir, reports Masood Hussain Lawmakers cracked jokes

Cowed Down

Heterogeneity in J&K’s demography has vast scope for differences and many way-outs to settle. But the ‘beef crisis’ that the right-wingers triggered by initially using the judiciary and then making it the new


  Banks have been arguing for various years now that lack of SARFAESI has compromised their confidence in being liberal in J&K. Taking the view from bankers and the government, Saima Bhat reports

Enjoy Thy Lord!

Politicians in Kashmir not only enjoy the privilege to frame laws for the masses but impunity to mend them! With negligible conviction rate politicians accused of murder, extortion, embezzlement, frauds and even rape