Infrastructure articles

0 Bridge 2.0

With Zero Bridge renovated at a sluggish pace in traditional Kashmiri architecture, it is almost a replica of Zaina Kadal of eighteenth century. Riyaz Ul Khaliq visits the bridge, slated to open by

Railway Madam

What it is like being a female engineer in Kashmir? From being idolized in the peripheries to jeering city crowds Insha Zargar has experienced it all. Saima Bhat tells her story “Yi kadel

Set in Cement

Khrew’s rise to fame as Kashmir’s cement capital is dusted with promises, pain, rivalries, and choked lungs. Bilal Handoo tells the story of cement through the prism of Khrew’s current standoff Boulevard to

Strategic Focus

Expenditure of billions of rupees is in the pipeline to improve the infrastructure in J&K. But the priority in public spending lies more in strategic belts than, reports R S Gull A slew of

Global Architect

From an introvert Kashmiri boy to a global architect, Tony Ashai is behind the breathtaking mansions housing who’s who of the world. After taking world by storm with his structural designs, the man

Desperately Dependent

For centuries Kashmir managed winters with traditions evolved by generations till the rundown Srinagar-Jammu road helped plain to find a market. Syed Asma reports how residents manage hedging the risk of getting into

Engineering Enigma

The narrow gorge that houses J&K’s most modern dam continuously surprised the people tasked to tame the ferocious Chenab in one of the most unstable mountain ranges. While retrieving the project in 2005

Cement Woes

The reconstruction boom triggered in wake of September flood aftermath saw black-marketers make millions. Saima Bhat reports how cement rich Kashmir fell prey to demand-supply gimmick After September 2014 flood waters receded Kashmir