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Crack In The Wall

by Shah Faesal In social gatherings people usually tell me that if I want to be remembered, like officer A or B is remembered in his own District or Tehsil, I must focus

Kashmir Needs Leaders

by Gopalkrishna Gandhi In a venue known for its liberal and secular ambience, the veteran columnist LK Sharma was bluntly told by a gentleman: ‘Go to Pakistan’. ‘LK’ as he is known was

Modi’s Doval Doctrine In Kashmir

The Modi government’s hardline strategy in Kashmir is a straight lift from the approach suggested by National Security Adviser Ajit Doval in 2010. Speaking about protests that year he told policymakers not to

Banning Reader

by Masood Hussain For a greenhorn reporter, it was quite an excitement to sit on a protest in September 1989 outside the main gate of the erstwhile Sherghari Fort, housing the state legislative

Picture of the week

Photo by:- Hanan Khan It is prohibited under various environmental legislation to carry on any commercial or residential activity near a water body, but then such rules are for fools to follow. A

Picture of the week

Photo by :- Rahill Massud Once I reached near to these beautiful speechless creatures of creator, I could feel their cries. They were as if asking loudly: why we were massacred? Can we sincerely

Picture of the week

Photograph by: Irfan Rafiq Am i Supposed to drive or reply a quick text I got on my cell phone.