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Arshid Malik I had been at peace, resting for a long time in my own charismatic world of opinionated dialectics, away from the humdrum of life around me and all that for a

Socially murdered

Arshid Malik Drugs, the very menace of it. Why do people ever need to use drugs? One answer is that they are formerly induced with drugs and then they catch on, which is

Valley Warming

Arshid Malik Tucked inside the warm comfort of a heavy quilt (kinds that are only found in Kashmir) is the penultimate stance of life in Kashmir during winters, or to be more accurate

Own the orphans

Arshid Malik The last more than two and a half decades of Kashmir have been strewn with violence in which scores of thousands of young and old men, women and children have been

Down the memory lane

Arshid Malik Pre-90s Kashmir was an altogether different place. I have very fond memories of that era. The first shock I received, as the era ended, was the shutting down of our school


Arshid Malik The  lens through which outsiders look at Kashmir is myopic as it does not recognize the variables that actuate the essentiality of the people living down here. Almost all the assessments


By Arshid Malik There are certain places where I hate to be. One is a police station, two a hospital and three a courthouse. All three of these institutions work their own codes

Shadow of the Floods

 Arshid Malik  Flashback September, 2014: There was an outcry in the neighbourhood that woke me up from my slumber followed by gurgling sounds of water jettisoning into our lane. I got out of

Reading Into Writing

Arshid Malik Recently a publisher friend of mine arrived in my office to enquire of me. He had come with a handful of his publications. Over tea and some cookies we discussed issues,