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Let’s Talk Dal

Shams Irfan What is the shortest way to reach God or get heard by Him? This riddle has baffled me ever since I attained adulthood. I was told, rather taught, that the connection

  Encircling Kashmir

Saima Bhat  Being a local in Kashmir doesn’t make me feel secure same way as it used to be before PDP-BJP alliance. Every day I wake up with news of different yatras making

Holy Refresh 

Muhammad Raafi Ramzan, the ninth month of the Islamic calendar, is here. It is usually the celebration time throughout the Muslim world. This month shifts the routine schedule in Muslim societies from eating

Subtle Subtext

Shakir Mir On Friday, during afternoon, news reports came in that two militants have been killed by the security forces during an encounter at famous tourist destination Tangmarg. This is latest in a

Cautious Moves

Syed Asma If you are not from glamour industry, seeing yourself on hoardings displayed on roadsides may give you an awkward feeling. Perhaps the same reason made Chief Minister Mehbooba Mufti to assert:

Tree Matters

Shakir Mir The arrival of spring not only brings cheers to the winter-weary public but also crisis. This we can say against the backdrop of a spurt in the pollen related health problems.

Suppression Bounces Back!

By Tasavur Mushtaq Summer 2014, when political parties were busy in campaigning for the Lok Sabha elections, I travelled across  Kashmir to cover the big rallies, small events and in-house meetings. Ideologies apart,

Default Culprits

Saima Bhat In any conflict zone, killings, torture, disappearances, rapes are common. But in Kashmir, a conflict zone too, such things have become a norm. Within this ‘normal’ like situation, what sets us

Introspect Please

By Syed Asma Last week Kashmir buried five more blood-soaked bodies. For most of us, it is just statistics. We condemn killings, mourn for a day or two and then, get back to