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My Name is Defiance

My Name is Defiance

Syed Suhail Yaqoob Morning was insanely intoxicating. In Kashmir every morning is like that. Cool breeze flows into windows of houses, leaves dance on trees, water’s flow is romantic. It looks like a

Why blame Religion

By Zaira Ashraf Khan Religion, due to its overwhelming adherence and devotion has been a subject of debate, not just among the theists but also the atheists (obviously for more of a critical

A Small Eden

  By Mirza Waheed Mirza Waheed As the year that gave us the age of anger came to a close, I tried to tell my seven-year-old son a happy story. In it, I tried

I and the Flood! Part: III

Irtif Lone Indeed, the other name for life is resilience. It is the resilience of a seed that lets it grow into a beautiful flower, even under the mountainous rock whose nature otherwise

I and the Flood! Part-I

Irtif Lone On 6th September 2014, I was standing on the banks of river Tawi, looking at the gushing waters and probably what one calls “Natures Fury”. It had been raining all week

In a fix!

Irtif Lone Last week, when the leaders from Kashmir’s separatist lobby met the Pakistan High Commissioner in context to the India-Pakistan foreign Secretaries meet. Indian Government made their point clear, “Stop taking to

To write, read

Irtif Lone Last week after I finished writing my column, I wished I had started writing early and given myself enough time to bring in the changes. Every time I read my own

Unfurling Freedom

Irtif Lone On 15th of August, like on any other day, Kashmir seeks Independence.  Some 68 years before, after decades of being a British colony and its continuous struggle to achieve independence, India

Inhuman acts of Israel

Irtif Lone Everything is fair in love and war, is an old adage which we have been hearing since the times I remember. In times of school, at least this was one idiom

New, Emerging India

Irtif Lone The rhetoric has started, and is probably gaining the momentum. India is taking off the veil of being a secular state. They have always sought a Hindutva nation, and what better