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The Muslim intolerance factor

By S.S Qadri The flare up of issues pertaining to the Muslim community in India, howsoever incipient they may seem, insinuate to the growing fanaticism that is beclading the Indian nation.  It appears

An open letter to an Indian Friend

by Junaid shaida Dear Pal. Greetings of the day, I know it will sound odd of writing an open letter to you rather than adopting so other medium in this digital era, but trust

April 9, 2017: A Day to remember

By: Javid Ahmad Ahangar “The worst thing that can happen in a democracy-as well as in an individual’s life – is to become cynical about the future and lose hope”. George Bernard Shaw

My Aim in Life

By: Syed Suhail Yaqoob It was something that every Matric student mugged up precisely because that was the most probable question to be asked in the examinations. From MBD guides to everything that

My Name is Defiance

Syed Suhail Yaqoob Morning was insanely intoxicating. In Kashmir every morning is like that. Cool breeze flows into windows of houses, leaves dance on trees, water’s flow is romantic. It looks like a

Why blame Religion

By Zaira Ashraf Khan Religion, due to its overwhelming adherence and devotion has been a subject of debate, not just among the theists but also the atheists (obviously for more of a critical

A Small Eden

  By Mirza Waheed Mirza Waheed As the year that gave us the age of anger came to a close, I tried to tell my seven-year-old son a happy story. In it, I tried

I and the Flood! Part: III

Irtif Lone Indeed, the other name for life is resilience. It is the resilience of a seed that lets it grow into a beautiful flower, even under the mountainous rock whose nature otherwise