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It is our year NINE

It is our year NINE

Kashmir boasts of more than 1500 years of recorded history. Pandit Kalhana, who wrote his chronicle Rajatarangini, somewhere in twelfth century, dominates the narrative by linking ancient Kashmir with the medieval times. Kashmir

Dear Readers!

After the on-going crisis started early last month, this is the fifth issue that is in your hands. The irregularity with which we are printing and reduced number of pages might have surprised

Don’t Preach

Assuming that Ms Mufti is naive to rub people of her state the wrong way every time she makes a public appearance is wrong. Rather, she knows, pretty well, the compositions, the mood,

Rationalize MLA Emoluments

The only issue that echoes a massive consensus and cohesion in J&K’s bicameral legislature is the wages of the lawmakers. Every time, the issue crops up, the house displays this rare unity. Last

Building Chaos

Post 2014 floods, apart from managing livelihood crisis, the biggest challenge faced by Kashmir was: how to undertake massive reconstruction and rebuilding the damaged infrastructure? The question was important given the pace of

Pass it On

Unlike other Muslim majority places of the world, Ramazan doesn’t come with a bang in Kashmir. It rather sneaks in silently past mighty Himalayas, under the shade of chinars, sailing past Jhelum and

A High Aim

Government budgets are normally part of the economic spaces of the states but in resource-deficient places like J&K, the government continues to be the top spender. J&K’s gross domestic produce stands at Rs

Polluted Board

J&K and Kashmir especially is one of the fragile ecological zones that has emerged as the new crucible of climate change. Its closed environment, massive dependence on fuel and playing host to huge

Improve Stake holding

The North Pole-South Pole alliance has discovered the fulcrum of the association that helps it balance the pressures from the two sides. Power, obviously is playing the key adhesive to manage differences on

Outside City

Last week when Mehbooba Mufti drove to Pampore’s transport yard to inaugurate housing complex meant for Durbar employees, the ride was quite smooth. The road leading to the main-gate of the housing complex