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Azadpur’s Children

Azadpur’s Children

By: Saima Rashid Kashmir, 2030… “We will get it, today or tomorrow. Azadi is our birthright and we shall have it.” These lines are engraved on a wall of Sariya’s school. She remembers

Doomed Daughter!

Bilal Handoo It is one of those medieval houses in old Srinagar that stirred up nostalgia. On its first floor, a traditional Kashmiri window is covered with perforated polythene sheet. Behind two holes

Between reverie and reality

Sheikh Tabish It was an early winter morning. I and my friend had planned to visit Pari Mahal—a beautiful place in our hometown, Srinagar. Our exams were over. And, we had to discuss

Tryst with rejections

Bilal Handoo Out from the bustling bazaar of old town Baramulla, he walks as if in seclusion. He often walks that way—apparently, he mimics zombies! Perhaps that’s why: they call him, a misfit.

Small is beautiful, dogs!

Junaid Ashraf All the dogs of the high-walled city of Capitaloslovakia came rushing—all at once, seemingly depressed. They walked through the oily streams, beneath the smoke filled sky, past the tall buildings and

This Hope is hopeless

Bilal Handoo He celebrated like a Brazilian soccer fan over ‘their victory over them’. But more than one party’s win, he cherished the loss of other—the one, that incarcerated him for reacting to

Yearning for Mother

Bilal Handoo Last year on Mother’s Day, Tabasum’s face was beaming with smile. Her younger sibling, Murassa was too cheerful. 365 days after, the day has returned—but, none of two siblings is smiling. Their

The fatal feud!

Aarif Muzafar Rather The word Azadi struck his ears at the age of 7. It was the period when Kashmir was passing through an uprising against Indian rule. That period of chaos and

Mother, I don’t need their scholarship!

Muntaha Amin A treacherous journey had ended. I was finally home along with mates. They had shown us door—as we cheered for greens! We were told: cheering for greens is sedition. They left

The confined tale

Bilal Handoo It is raining heavily tonight. A haunting darkness has wrapped hundreds of households in downtown Srinagar. The clock has struck 10 pm. In Khanyar locality, somebody is knocking hard at the