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Hair to Stay

Hair to Stay

For this smart-phone generation the world is just a click away, literally. So are the latest trends in hairstyles. Aakash Hassan tries to understand what inspires the new generation when it comes to

Fashionable Walk

The decision to open a multi-brand showroom after earning an MBA in UK met resistance from friends and family. But Adnan, a part-time model, was focused. Heena Muzzafar tells his story When Adnan

Couture Pakistan

Anything with made in Pakistan tag sells like hot-cakes in Kashmir. Reason: The cultural, geographical, and religious affinity that valley shares with the people across the border. Mohammad Raafi reports the method behind

Freeze Fashion

In the winter monotony, Saima Bhat sees designers and markets unleashing the talent to suit the TV-fed trendy generation, obviously women first In February 2012 fashion designer Manish Malhotra made a statement when

Designer Dreams

Located in the busy lanes of Srinagar’s old city Mahjooba Abaya has clientele spread across continents. The designer duo sisters tell Sehar Qazi how they realised their dream of transforming traditional Abayas into

Kaftan Kraze

Thanks to stylish Kaftans, girls in Kashmir have found a way to stay both fashionable and modest. Aanisa Maqbool finds out how Kaftan is changing more than just our dressing sense At the

Pheran is Back

From a traditional wear to keep oneself warm during winters to fashion statement, Pheran has come a long way. Rahiba R Parveen, reports the trend that has brought Pheran back into limelight  Its

All That Shines

As the traditional silver jewelry was gradually replaced by the trendier, more valuable gold ornaments, Kashmiri goldsmiths are forced to stay up dated. Saima Bhat takes a look how rupees 100 crore annual gold market reacts

A Glamorous Start

Next time you visit Mumbai you will be welcomed by a Kashmiri face! Amir Yaseen, a young model from Hyderpora, is the new face of C&S denims, who adores large hoardings on rooftops

Living A Dream

It was his childhood dream of becoming famous that made him choose fashion and glamour world. Bangalore based Kashmir model Adil Shah, who has worked with brands like Van Heusen, Loreal Paris and Wrangler,