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Costly Communication

When the government banned internet and cell phone, it obviously created a situation that had clear losers and gainers, reports Zubair Sofi Internet was the first facility that government banned after Burhan Wani’s

World Development Information Day

by Aamir Amin Nowshahri Coinciding with the day when United Nations (UN) was formed in 1945, October 24 is also observed annually as World Development Information Day. The General Assembly of the UN

Virtual Kashmir

As government is grappling with the idea of managing the information highway, the technology has already changed Kashmir. Now the governance structure must convert its discomfort with the new trend into its strength

Going Online

E-commerce has changed the way world shops, quite substantially. However, in Kashmir, the concept of selling products online is yet in its infancy, but growing. Saima Bhat reports about some of the successful


As more people carrying plastic cards are skipping the routine and making real purchases from the virtual malls from their bedrooms, a new market is taking over North India’s vibrant consumer economy. Full

Tower-ing Crisis?

Are mobile towers nuisance, health hazard or just a modern tool of connectivity, is debatable. But with more than seven hundred towers in Srinagar city alone, both lifestyle and landscape is changing fast.

In Whatsapp Defence

By Masood Hussain In run-up to the assembly elections in 1996, governor’s administration created a sort of terror to counter the fear that ruled the streets. Following strictly the style that paramilitary BSF

The Pipe Dream

Kashmir is moving fast up the IT ladder.  With an aim to simplify information sharing three techies have come up with an innovative application. Saima Bhat reports The desire to be part the