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Cashmere in Dubai

Hundreds of Kashmiris toiled hard in Middle East’s coastal desert to become part of Dubai’s golden-glass growth story. Belatedly, they started following other expat communities by organizing sports events to interact and somehow

Food on the Go

Not everybody can afford glitzy restaurants and fast food joints that now dot Srinagar city. There are thousands who still throng city’s famous Food Street that has survived both competition and change. Zafar

Stand Still Lives

Burhan Wani’s killing literally froze Kashmir in a time capsule. And public transport was no exception. But the plight of hands behind the wheels got lost in the maze of everyday tragedies. Heena

Turmoil Turbulence

On July 9, suspension of mobile and internet services proved fatal for businesses who couldn’t reach their clients and vice-versa. A number of deals got cancelled forcing small start-ups in to relocate or

A Mandi Undone

  For most of the season, the dominating discourse was whose writ runs large. By the time, the government agreed against interrupting the new routine in Sopore Mandi, season was almost over, Zafar

Mission Saffron

Dwindling yield has pushed Pampore’s saffron growers to a new low and sections within the government wish they start producing corms that are required for introducing the crop to other districts. Shams Irfan

A Distant Casualty

As a major consumer market in northern region, Kashmir sources its requirements from across the region. With the curfew-strike combine taking over the routine for a month now, the manufacturing sector in Jammu

Poppy Pop Up

Marijuana is outdated. Now poppy cultivation is popular in Kashmir because it yields better, faster, is less labour intensive and has a niche market where prices do not matter. Masood Hussain details the