Water articles

Hydaspes’ Battle

From Sangam in south Kashmir to Asham in north, Jhelum’s serpentine course is literally battling for its space. The river that once witnessed an epic Battle of Hydaspes on its banks is now

Water Woes

In Gade Khud village, just 17 kilometers from Srinagar city everything comes to standstill when a government installed community tap comes to life. Official apathy has turned this picturesque village into Kashmir’s Thar,

The Dull Affair

Over the years, all attempts to conserve Dal Lake have turned out to be half hearted efforts. Despite official claims that modern day lake management tools are in practice, the extent of onslaught

Dumped Waters!

The splendid beauty of Brari Nambal lagoon once fascinated King of Kashmir, Budshah, but gross-neglect over the years has now reduced it into a ‘miserable’ cesspool. Bilal Handoo finds out that there are

The Villagers take out the nuts which are then supplied to the other towns

A Chestnut Story

Come November and a group of villagers in Bandipora row their boats into Wular Lake to extract water chestnuts which are then supplied to markets in and outside the state, Bilal Handoo reports.

Sonir Pakhur Nag in Malakhnag area of Islamabad

Gone Dry

Fresh water springs, fed by the glacial melt, have sustained Kashmir for ages. But we have fast losing these life giving precious water bodies to collective callousness. Suhail A Shah takes a look at

THEIN: A Dam Watered Down

As the Indus Water Treaty gave storage rights over three rivers to Pakistan, J&K could have somehow benefitted from Ravi. But an agreement that lured the state into partnering with Punjab over Thein

The Resource

The Indus Water Treaty has given Islamabad rights over three J&K rivers – Chenab, Indus and Jhelum with an average flow of 135 million acre feet (MAF) in lieu of 33 MAF flow

Drinking To Death?

For the Awantipora people, water is no better than poison. Saima Bhat reports on a town whose only source of water leads to disease. Adil (name changed), 22, had a fever for two