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There For You

There For You

Instead of government, the first ones to respond during September 2014 floods were local and international NGO’s and socio-religious organizations. Saima Bhat reports their efforts  After 2014 floods, Oxford Committee for Famine Relief

Metaphor Of Loss

Except death and misfortune, nobody seems to remember Faze’s address. The latest visit was in September 2014. Survived by her eighteen-year-old granddaughter the octogenarian thrives on alms. Humera Ashiq Hussain narrates their story

History Gagged

The skewed coverage of Kashmir floods by Delhi media generated massive ire and suspicion against journalists, preventing even local media from recording their own history, reports Muhammad A Raafi Photojournalists in Kashmir are

Selective Relief

Those who expected major overhaul in the system post floods must be disappointed. The system that governed the distribution of relief checques runs on principle of might is right, reports Tasavur Mushtaq Mohammad

Gone Up

As anticipated there has been no panic sale of properties in worst flood hit areas in Srinagar.  Sehar Qazi reports how some of the posh addresses in Srinagar refuse to bow down to

The Displaced

In the melee of floods everybody, including the government, seems to have forgotten about tenants. Their woeful tales of survival and displacement find no takers as house owners dominate narratives. Muntaha Hafizi tells

Flood Frames

Capturing historic floods on lens amid anger and anguish took an extraordinary spine on part of filmmakers. Those who braved flood fury and public rage ended up preserving deluged history of Kashmir, reports

Blessing in Disguise

While 2014 flood is imprinted on people’s memory like a nightmare there are a few who thank Jhelum for its fury. Saima Bhat reports Days after September 7, 2014 floods devastated most parts

Securing Future

 Around 42,000 claims worth Rs 2000 crore settled post floods by top four insurance companies making it one of the biggest claims in Asia. Syed Asma reports The month of September would be

Governance Gridlock?

In the deluge-hit Kashmir, victims counted on government for revival and rehabilitation. But a year later, both statistic and street voices seem at loggerheads with governance system, reports Bilal Handoo      After a momentous