Ecology articles

Next Tosamaidan?

After winding up its half-a-century-old gory shell-campaign at Tosamaidan in 2014, army is exploring alternative area. Bajpathri, the fascinating meadow between Pulwama, Budgam and Rajouri is one option. Kashmir Life’s photo chief, Bilal

Tasteless Anchar

Once famous for its fish, Nadru, and vegetable gardens, Anchar Lake struggles to survive encroachment, waste dump, and official neglect. Syed Asma reports Son of a fisherman Ashraq Kundroo, 29, has lived almost

Stone Stories

The stone quarry at Athwajan is in debate for both environmental and human costs. Riyaz Bhat reports In a span of less than three years, Guru family lost two of its members to

‘Royal’ Sale

A Mughal era garden in Dal Lake’s lap is latest causality of land mafia. Sold by the Maharaja to a wealthy local, the garden is being sold in inches and foots. Shakir Mir

Dumping Sar

Home to over three lakh migratory birds Hokersar is fast turning into Srinagar’s dump-yard. After September floods 31000 shoes were retrieved from the famed wetland. Shakir Mir visits Kashmir’s famed bird guest house

My Friend Bakk

The story of Ilyas Najeeb is one out of the jungle book. He nursed an injured leopard cub for eighteen months at his house till they became best friends.  Aakash Hassan tells his

SOS Wildlife

She is one daredevil of sorts when it comes to rescuing animals from human brutality and setting them free in the wild.  Shakir Mir reports her adventurous life  She scales a 20 meter

Oh, Roos-Ket

Threatened by human invasion of their natural habitats, Musk deer or Roos is struggling to survive the onslaught. Shakir Mir reports how poachers hunt this animal for its prized musk sac On Friday