Diplomacy articles

Gilgit Games

Perhaps for the first time after partition, Kashmir dispute is emerging as a major issue for Pakistan. Beijing is seeking guarantees for making substantial investments in an area that is disputed, a position

The ‘Peacenik’

Post-1996, Mufti Sayeed rallied behind Indo-Pak relations and eventually created a political space for unionists in militancy-hit Kashmir. Though coming at the fag end of his political career, Mufti’s soft politics made him

Talk Walks, Finally

As Comprehensive Bilateral Dialogue emerges from the ruins of Composite Dialogue between Delhi and Islamabad, Masood Hussain analyses the surprising resumption of engagement and costs, the two countries are apparently aimed to avoid

The Overseas Battle

As hundreds of workers were busy burrowing tunnels and laying tons of concrete in the Baglihar gorge, diplomats and water experts from Delhi and Islamabad were fighting a war of nerves overseas. Masood

Triangular Tensions

Apparently a changed Islamabad policy towards Kashmir is witnessing new regrouping within the Hurriyat diversity. But will these unity efforts make a sustainable sense, M A Shah analyzes On  June 15, cops enforcing

Drugging A CBM

At a time when PDP is reportedly seeking assurances from Narendra Modi led BJP government to strengthen the cross-LoC trade and travel, the drug haul at Slamabad may add yet another compelling factor

Obama’s Change

US president Barak Obama’s silence over K-issue and his bonhomie with Indian PM Modi signals end of an era for hopeful Kashmiris. Shah Abbas tries to find out the storm behind the silence