Diary articles

The mountain Stone Horse

By Shah Faesal On February 16, morning I started off from Baglihar with my team of engineers to take stock of pre-construction works of one of the most ambitious hydropower-projects of J&K –

Streetlights and Hairstyles

By Tabish Rafiq Mir Streetlights and supermarkets, shopping malls and ships, traffic lights and terraces, autos with meters and buses with tickets (and not sprouting with people): I hadn’t been warned. Men with

Trip to Valley of Shepherds

Muhammad Raafi Route to Pahalgam never stops fascinating you. It is not only ‘picture perfect’, but equally intriguing, making one feel: whether it is meeting the fate of Punjab. Such is the flip

A Trip to Wilayat

London first stuck in my mind like glue when I was a boy. Zan Chi Landan Gatsun (As if you’re going to London), I remember the parental refrain. Finally I visited United Kingdom,

Pakistan, You don’t Know

Shams Irfan Carrying a thousand Salams (greeting) for the Pak Watan (Sacred nation) – from friends, relatives, neighbours, acquaintances, people I know and I don’t know – along with twenty boxes of Kashmiri

Arabian Nights

Journalist Sheikh Qayoom is a grandfather but has not forgotten his childhood winters which were quite different, adventurous and interesting then The winter of my childhood was the season of Arabian Nights –

Majestic Maldives

 Dr Qayum Hamid Changal I landed in Maldives on January 10, 2014. With dreams in my heart and vision wide and clear, it was a challenge for me. After completion of my bachelors

My Kabul in Kashmir

Mona Hossaini ‘Araste’ I had three options to choose from to pursue my post graduation: Iran, Russia and Kashmir. And I choose the last one because of the interesting course offered: Kashmir and

With ‘Super’ People

PDP’s youth activist Javaid Trali spent 30 days in the US under State Department funded International Visitors Leadership Programme (IVLP). He says Americans impressed him more than America People are the real driving