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Volcanic Verdict

Volcanic Verdict

Unprecedented since 1951, the first recorded election, the poll, re-poll and the postponement in Kashmir bypolls is the newest protest that cannot become a police case. The single digit participation has clearly indicated

Deconstructing Budshah

Kashmir’s medieval Sultan Zain-ul-Abideen was tolerant, secular, humane and lover of knowledge and art. He built Kashmir and faced challenges as any other ruler did. He fought his elder brother initially and later

Cashmere in Dubai

Hundreds of Kashmiris toiled hard in Middle East’s coastal desert to become part of Dubai’s golden-glass growth story. Belatedly, they started following other expat communities by organizing sports events to interact and somehow

Waiting for Papa

As their father languishes in Delhi’s Tihar jail for last 21 years, four daughters are doing their bit to keep the family together. Heena Muzzafar meets the siblings who are eagerly waiting for


As the four districts are trying to get a semblance of routine after losing 77 youth in 2016 unrest, amid frequent interventions in bloody encounters, the region is going to polls early April.

12 Years Later

Twenty three days after the Sarojni Nagar blasts killed 62 people and left 210 injured, Delhi Police swooped on two homes in Kashmir and arrested the “accused”. They discounted their defence that they

Faithfully Disowned

As the ruling bipolar grouping gets into second year of its version 2.0, tensions are increasing within the small Muslim minorities scattered across Dogra heartland in Jammu plains. With NC, and now Congress