Commodities articles

Wheeling Energy

Baglihar has two separate systems for energy transmission and both are efficiently working, reports Riyaz ul Khaliq Even as weak geology of the mountains housing the dam and the power station threw up

The Walnut Fudge

By Syed Asma Have your ever tasted a Walnut Fudge! If not, then you are surely missing one of the most talked about exclusivity of Kashmir’s bakery. A mixture of walnut, honey and

Drinks Driven Business

Demands apart, state government may not be in a position to convert J&K in to a dry state because it feeds its coffers substantially. The state government takes more than half from what

Hallmarking Gold

While hallmarking has made it easy to distinguish fake gold from the real one, Kashmiri jewellers prefer to stick to the traditional ways. Tyba Bashir and Asmat Khan, report how lack of a

Advancing Gold

Having a loan processed from a commercial bank can be both harassing and time consuming. But, banks have now started accepting gold as mortgage for quick and impersonal borrowing by individuals without needing

A golden story

The traditional gold market in Kashmir is resistant to hallmarking and transparency, leaving enough space for branded outlets and banks. An unconcerned government and indifferent traders threaten the livelihood of local artisans. A