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Finance and Engineering Career Options

Decisions are indispensable in every aspect of our life, but those which have the long term effect are the ones which are primarily connected with the careers. Finding a satisfactory employment in current

Predators at Workplace

State’s health department was in news recently but for all the wrong reasons. The case of a lady doctor accusing her seniors of molestation shows how ‘safe’ women are at workplaces. Experts explain


Official U-turn  Lok Sabha election result unnerved the NC led coalition to its core. After being pilloried electorally, the decision-centers having abandoned their hibernation have accelerated their quest for intelligent governance. Within few

IGP and his comrades

News Notes

The Militancy PARANOIA Return of militancy paranoia ended this week when Srinagar District Police made public that all 13 terror attacks that took place in the last 18 months in the summer capital