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Khaki Dream

Khaki Dream

A social worker turned jailer is happy to help make lives of inmates comfortable. Heena Muzzafar reports her journey  In 2012, when Saba Shawl, now 29, cleared Public Service Commission (PSC) exam for

Kashmir’s IAS Force

Mattan’s Athar Amir Khan nearly recreated Shah Faesal moment in Kashmir with his recent performance. Riyaz Ul Khaliq reports the previous such golden moments of Kashmiris making it big in elite exams Six

Curiosity Pays

It was his curiosity to understand the complex nature of human body that made this Kashmiri boy to come up with a research which could produce vaccine for HIV, reports Saima Rashid As

America Calls

From a call center employee to the owner of call centers with some of them off shore, Zameer Altaf is living his dream.  Saima Rashid and Sheikh Tabish report his journey At 19,

Performance Art

For him art is an expression that needs no fixtures of disciplines within art. Ehtisham Azhar tells Durdana Bhat how practicing art under the contemporary artists has changed his views It was a

Dream Chaser 

He tried his hands at teaching and then working for the government, but there was something that kept him looking for more. Saima Rashid reports the journey of a shy student who is

Physiotherapy as Career Option

Dr Sheema Rehmani is working as Senior Consultant Physiotherapy at Al-Tabeeb Fitness and Physiotherapy. She answers some questions asked by Saima Rashid on Physiotherapy as career option. Kashmir Life (KL): What is physiotherapy? Sheema


Five years back he couldn’t face an audience of even ten people. But the will to overcome his fears bore fruits and helped Muhammad Saud Kashmiri become a well known public motivational speaker.