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The Climber

The Climber

He proved his critics wrong by setting up a million dollar worth mentoring start-up. Tabish Rafiq Mir maps its journey across half-a-dozen cities   ‘Mark my words. You will be cleaning bathrooms one

Currency Chaos

As Prime Minister Modi shocked India by reducing twin currency notes to mere pieces of paper, Tasavur Mushtaq details the turns and twists of the policy shift at Kashmir’s ground zero Hajra Bano,

Quick Sale

With unrest 2016 rooted down-south, the worst fears were about the fate of apple, the main mover-and-shaker of the peripheral economy.  Challenges were Himalayan but the growers fought to ensure that they do

A Distant Casualty

As a major consumer market in northern region, Kashmir sources its requirements from across the region. With the curfew-strike combine taking over the routine for a month now, the manufacturing sector in Jammu

Poppy Pop Up

Marijuana is outdated. Now poppy cultivation is popular in Kashmir because it yields better, faster, is less labour intensive and has a niche market where prices do not matter. Masood Hussain details the

Legacy Lasts

For decades Babademb’s walnut factory has helped many destitute and needy women to survive the onslaught of circumstances and society. Syed Asma takes a look at Azad brothers’ work and legacy Every morning,

Electrifying Ambitions

After three decades of struggle with the system Naseer is happy to put Kashmir on transformer manufacturing map. Shakir Mir narrates his journey Naseer Ahmad, 56, overcame odds to realize his dream of


As more people carrying plastic cards are skipping the routine and making real purchases from the virtual malls from their bedrooms, a new market is taking over North India’s vibrant consumer economy. Full

Wine Monies

Liquor is an interesting business. For a produce worth Rs 280 crore in 2015-16, the government made Rs 817 crore as taxes. Tragically the drinker paid it all. Kashmir has slightly increased its

Pashmina Portal

Disturbed by the plight of artisan a young boy is out to change the system. Ubeer Naqushbandi reports the legacy of a business family and its fall and rise  One afternoon in November