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A law that allows banks to take over the mortgaged collaterals in case of willful defaults has taken Kashmir by storm after a division bench of the Supreme Court made it applicable to

Paupers’ Prize

Water-abundant and energy- deficient J&K’s first major leap into the lucrative energy sector was in 1999, when the resource-scarce government started implementing Baglihar with a petty bank overdraft. Sixteen years later, it’s Rs

Crediting Crops

By summer 2015, banks had disbursed Rs 6,290.16 crores in agriculture and in allied sectors in state. Besides minimising the monopoly of outsiders over Kashmir’s farm sector, the agricultural credit boosted farming community

Not A Priority!

    All banks have a basket enabling them to infuse micro credit in key sectors. But most of these schemes partnered by the governments are not an impressive success and may require

Dreams Indebted

  For best education, lot of students seek admissions in Western universities. Some get scholarships and most of them approach banks for educational loans. Muntaha Hafizi visits the sector that had Rs 283

Impaired Assets

Banks are the new money shops. They sell products and make money. But it is not always that they earn. They lose too. Syed Asma talks to bankers and the defaulters to understand

Lending, But Not Banks

As banks are in the race of deposits and advances, there are two government institutions scripting new successes with negligible default, reports Riyaz Ul Khaliq Apart from the conventional financial institutions in the

Playing Cards

  The new age banking is mostly done outside the branch offices, on smart-phone and laptops. And the new currency used for such transactions is not real money but plastic. Sehar Qazi reports


  Banks have been arguing for various years now that lack of SARFAESI has compromised their confidence in being liberal in J&K. Taking the view from bankers and the government, Saima Bhat reports