Special Report


Angry Nature

Flash floods and cloudbursts are the new entries in Kashmir’s troubled lingo. With 19 occurrences in last 20 days, Kashmir is witnessing a massive climatic change. Saima Bhat reports its costs on environment



Natural Fury

With 19 incidents of cloudbursts followed by flash floods claiming 5 lives reported in Kashmir in last 20 days, Mother Nature is back in news. What everybody wants to know is how and



Breaking the Silence

Mehraj ud din Every native in this place is engulfed and fettered with so many questions that it ended up perturbing our overall existence as a socio-psychological being.  The continuous visible Indian occupation,




 HAZRATBAL Though the boys and the cops engaged in an intensely long battle in the sprawling Eidgah, cameras were recording a sweet photo-op in the lawns of  Hazratbal, home to the holy relic.




Night Lights

It was happening in the heart of Srinagar yet unlike a typical Srinagar evening. Shakir Mir wraps up the month long festivity that Kashmir witnessed this Ramzan The  first of its kind post-dusk


An inside view of leper colony in Srinagar.

Exiled In Past

The banks of Srinagar’s Nigeen Lake are host to Kashmir’s three generations of leprosy patients. They live, grow, marry and die inside the four walls of Bahrar. Sehar Qazi visits these outcasts who



Clicks and Kicks

A picture is worth a thousand words. True. But ever thought who are these guys who risk their lives, work in extremely dangerous conditions, inside world’s most volatile areas, under the deep seas,

Web Exclusive

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#July13: BJP’s Insult Angers Kashmir

RS Gull SRINAGAR By staying away from the official function of remembering the martyrs of July 1931 massacre, BJP has formally established the widely held belief that the right-wing party inherits the legacy



Developmental Offensive?

Amid reports of Delhi considering yet another package for flood devastated J&K, R S Gull examines the costs and consequences involved in the earlier packages announced by Dr Manmohan Singh and Atal Bihari


Wasaq Nag

Reliving Waltengo

Flattened by snow storm a decade ago, Waltengo Nar in South Kashmir’s Qazigund area is completely a different place now. The change has redefined the rural landscape. Riyaz Ul Khaliq visits Waltengo to

The Straight Curve


Patriotically Jinxed

Arshid Malik The cost of “war” in Kashmir has been “intense” for all the parties involved. I am using the term “war” in the conceptual notion wherein it is and maybe described as

Photo Feature




Neta Secrets

As two tainted congress men fight it out in public revealing their worst kept secrets, Kashmir watches in silence. Syed Asma reports whatever is coming out of the closet Indiscipline and unparliamentarily language



Understanding Jhelum

Last September’s devastating floods left an impression on young Saqib Gulzar’s mind. In less than a year’s time, he came up with an award winning paper on Jhelum. Saima Rashid reports his feat



Schooling with Creativity

By M. Qaiser Of late, India has improved well in the literacy rate. Every year, millions of children enroll in private and government schools, strictly following a set-out curriculum. This is normal, as

Young Artist

Young Artist

Fahad Mubarak s/o Mubarak Ahmad Shah of Homshalibugh (Yaripora), Kulgama is a 4th standard student at EFF EMM School Islamabad. He drew this cartoon for Kashmir Young Life.


Representational Pic.

The Loneliest

By Hirra Sultan Unheard by parents And unheard by friends I found respite in indulgence Something people called drugs   I tried to talk and connect They shall know my plight All I

Short Story


When Two Families Die

“The two families are again together after two months, but this time for the last time; never to meet again or always to be together, here and there. Families talk about Shabir and



Islamabad Bled Protesting #July13 Massacre

“The dead bodies were scattered all over the street of Lal Chowk. Later a well-known person, Wali deen, with the help of others brought the dead bodies to Masjid Shah. The injured were