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BJP supporters celebrating BJP’s win in 2014 parliamentary elections.
Pic: Bilal Bahadur

Migrant Mission

Desperate to repeat Uttar Pradesh, Haryana and Maharashtra in poll-bound Muslim majority Jammu and Kashmir, BJP’s grand strategist and party president Amit Shah is apparently eyeing four assembly segments of Kashmir to materialise



Politicised Relief

Amid allegations and allegiances, the election clamour has been set off in poll-bound state. The latest wordplay came from Congress president Sonia Gandhi while campaigning for former renegade-turned-congressman Usman Majid in Bandipore. While



Deluged Admin

Rameez Bhat When the ferocious flood hit the valley this fall, the administration was instantly caught napping. Almost 80 days after, a barrage of queries remained unanswered: why administration collapsed during deluge? How




MUMBAI It doesn’t matter who you are when it comes to Kashmir. What happened to King Khan in US, Vivek Oberoi faced same in the valley. The actor felt the heat in autumn

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Old Town’s Nightmare

The ongoing poll season has set Baramulla’s old town in a tizzy with night raids to wind up youth allegedly linked with stone pelting ‘haunt’ locals. While police claim law is taking its

News Notes


News Notes

Tral AGAIN Three persons were killed in Tral town of South Kashmir on Thursday evening. The state forces are alleging the killed persons as militants but some locals are apprehending them to be

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A view of snow capped mountains in Pir Panjal range .

(Wave)ring Polls

On the other side of Jawahar tunnel, BJP wave has reportedly gripped 37 out of 87 assembly seats of Jammu and Kashmir. So will BJP repeat summer polls in winter, Saima Bhat finds



Floating Electrons

Mushrooming of small political parties in election season is an expected crop. But what is perhaps not expected is the fall of their allegiance once counting would begin in mid-December. Bilal Handoo reports

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The Dance Of Democracy

Tasavur Mushtaq SRINAGAR As the first phase of polling ended peacefully, the day witnessed brisk polling in almost every assembly segment. With lows and highs, the overall percentage recorded is 70 per cent.


A view Veshaw channel in South  Kashmir.

Kulgam Kaleidoscope

Fast earning a tag of ‘security constituency,’ the south Kashmir’s Kulgam district will be polling in phase-II on December 2. Apart from Tarigami & Sakina factor, Shah Abbas argues that buried past and


Swami Sant Dev

Hari Singh’s ‘Rasputin’

Faith-healers, astrologers, Pirs, Fakirs and Gurus have traditionally remained unofficial advisers and courtiers of rulers in Indian subcontinent before and after partition. Kashmir’s last monarchs were greedy and superstitious and they also had



Lost in Translation

Looking for a government job, get a degree first. Want to make laws and rule the state, fret not. You can be a cabinet minister without ever attending a school! Syed Asma takes


Dancing Abdullah

Missing Factor  

His maiden defeat made Dr Farooq Abdullah quit politics for obvious health reasons. It is not his party alone that is feeling his absence from the electoral theatre, reports Saima Bhat In the


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Comforting Orphans

Stranded by Jhelum, saved by a brave-heart and comforted by women, orphans of Bemina’s orphanage had their share of woes in recent floods. Bilal Handoo reports the saga of poignancy, bravery and resilience



Haider: To be or not be

Mir Liyakat Haider is one of the first ever Bollywood movie that attempted to stage the Shakespeare’s revenge play Hamlet on the recurring Kashmir tragedy. It is meant for an audience whom in


A view of Srinagar's Lambert lane. Photo: Bilal Bahadur.

Oh, Lal Chowk!

As Jhelum retreated to its banks after creating a reign of terror in valley, the city centre Lal Chowk looks faded and filthy. With stinky ambiance, piled up debris and remorseful faces, the



Lets bleed love on paper again…

by Asma Firdous Lets revive my pen… An old tradition of careless lines of rhythms broken and proud designs! Lets fall for that shadow again! And embrace the scent of a dear absence! Careful

Young Artist

Young Artist

Fahad Mubarak s/o Mubarak Ahmad Shah of Homshalibugh (Yaripora), Kulgama is a 4th standard student at EFF EMM School Islamabad. He drew this cartoon for Kashmir Young Life.

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1903’s Great Flood

Kashmir was inundated by a great flood in 1903. Jhelum flowed down with such a huge discharge that parts of M A Road remained water logged for many years. Historian P N K



I and the Flood! Part: III

Irtif Lone Indeed, the other name for life is resilience. It is the resilience of a seed that lets it grow into a beautiful flower, even under the mountainous rock whose nature otherwise


Dal Lake

What made September 7 floods so bad?

Athar Parvaiz It has been over a month since a massive flood left the central and southern areas of Kashmir devastated killing 281 people and rendering thousands of families homeless besides damaging property