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Connection Lost…

The recent assembly election results had more shockers than surprises for contestants. Saima Bhat tries to find out the shortest way to a voter’s heart   After last Electronic Voting Machine (EVM) was



Architectural Degradation

Post September floods saw massive construction work taking place in Kashmir. There is no alley or street or a road that is free from construction material scattered all over.  Usually winter is not



Rethinking Knowledge

Mehrajudin Knowledge is undeniably one of the most important constituents in civilizations whether it is Greek, Confucian, Western or Islamic.  Looking through the prism of civilizational discourse, knowledge has been given a sacrosanct




SADDAL As the landslide shook Sandal village of the Panchari Tehsil in Udhampur district on September 6, 2014, the aftershocks are still on. The wounds start to bleed again when bodies of buried

Web Exclusive

A file pic of Sopore Massacre (Jan 6, 1993). Pic courtesy: Web

Sopore Massacre: Eyewitness Account  

Saleem Qadri SOPORE On a chilly wintry morning of January 6, 1993, people of Sopore town woke up to a normal day. During those days BSF (Border Security Forces) stationed in the town

The Straight Curve

Arshid Malik

Matters that matter

Arshid Malik Have you ever wondered how un-democratic our educational systems are while we are a “democratic” nation, believing in and swearing by the ideals of democracy? This is a very interesting thought


Bureaucrats after their tenure at secretariat aspiring political power had drawn criticism earlier from many quarters.
Pic: Bilal Bahadur

Absorbed, Not Accepted

To start afresh, a number of senior government officials joined politics seeking rebirth through EVMs in recent elections, but failed. Safwat Zargar reports how people rejected the new avatar of ex-officials When Omar


Mirwaiz Umar Farooq announcing ‘Akh Akis’ initiative in Jamia Masjid.

Rebuilding Homes

Moving beyond rescue and relief operations, the team headed by Mirwaiz Umar Farooq started reconstruction of 100 houses for the “neediest of the needy” flood-hit at the time when election process sidelined the




As gunmen barged inside the office of French Magazine Charlie Hebdo and killed 12 people including the celebrated cartoonists known for their controversial cartoons on the prophet of Islam, an anti-Muslim wave engulfed


Gulshan, mother of Musab Dar.
Pics: Durdana Bhat

Drowned and Silenced 

After rendered homeless in September floods, a mother lost her son who was out to rescue people. Four months after, her woe is yet to wane, reports Durdana Bhat As brick by brick

Human Rights

Javaid received a bullet in his upper right leg when he was trapped in firing by CRPF near Saidpora Bridge.
Pic: Mukhtar Ahmad

 Wanna Bowl Again!

In the 2008 uprising over Amarnath land row that led to the killing of dozens of boys, scores of others were maimed by bullets showered over protesting and non-protesting Kashmiris. Qazi Mudasir narrates

News Notes


News Notes

Bloody Start Six militants including a foreigner were killed in different places across Kashmir since Wednesday. Five militants, four locals and one foreigner, were killed in an encounter with Indian Army and Police

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Heed Reading

World Human Rights Day: Amid ballot, the suffering continues…

Many observers describe 2014 as a horrific year for human rights violations. In Kashmir, however, the day witnessed another sit-in by the relatives of disappeared persons inside Srinagar’s Pratap Park. Durdana Bhat captures cries, tears, slogans,

Arts & Culture


An Incomplete CANVAS

It was her husband’s wish to see her become a celebrated artist. But before Naseema could finish her first major work, he died leaving behind a family of three to fend for themselves.

Short Story


The Withered

Abid R Baba Much to the woes of his parents, Aamir would readily mix with his village boys. No reprimand was rigid enough to confine his frequent outdoor movements. And, the same was


A house devastated by September floods in Khadermoh village of Pulwama.

Khadermoh: A Forgettable Village

With a history of floods dating back to half a century villagers in Khadermoh hoped that water will not get beyond their plinth levels. But they were wrong like many others who miscalculated


Representational Photo. Pic courtesy: Web

Painting Life

Durdana Bhat Remaining was naught. As time blew over, memories were revived. As time went on, that wallowing crap center was rushing away into a great river. Then in bits, stream and then:

Young Artist

Young Artist

Fahad Mubarak s/o Mubarak Ahmad Shah of Homshalibugh (Yaripora), Kulgama is a 4th standard student at EFF EMM School Islamabad. He drew this cartoon for Kashmir Young Life.



Soft Targets  

With no educational infrastructure available back home students from Kashmir end up becoming victims of anti-Muslim and anti-Kashmiri rhetoric in mainland India. Saima Bhat talks to one of the eight students who was


A house turned into slush in floods.

Next Desk Please…

One family’s ordeal with government’s dilly-dallying while disbursing compensation post floods has left them questioning the system. Saima Bhat narrates the painful tale of Nusrat and her sisters who lost their father and


Jamia Zia Ul Uloom Poonch

Multitasking Madrassa

By Shafiq Mir When the entire Madrassa system (Islamic Education Institutions) in India are under criticism of certain forces for providing radical education away from the present challenges of the world, there is