Special Report

Slipping Control

Stake-holding in Kashmir is diluting fast as everybody is facing its own bit of challenge: the militants, the separatists and the government. So where is Kashmir heading, asks Tasavur Mushtaq The drizzling evening

Human Rights

A Tragic Life

After a young singer was released from detention by army during 90s, he confined himself to his room and took solace in drugs. Now his aged father goes door-to-door collecting alms for survival,

Public Affairs

Jhelum Again

After September 2014 floods a number of major were assured to clean the erring Jhelum of blockades. But almost three years later not much has changed on the ground, reports Saima Bhat On


Gambling with Ganderbal

As Kashmir is desperate for some light to improve its energy deficit, a controversy was crafted to delay implementation of Ganderbal power project, reports Masood Hussain For historic reasons, Mohra power station has



Representing Kashmir!

The ban at home on campus politics has not stopped Kashmiri students from seeking bigger roles in mainland India universities. Marila latif meets this Budgam boy who is one stop grievance redresser for


Not Chickening Out

He left a lucrative job to start something on his own. But the business he chose has stigmas attached. Heena Muzzafar tells how Aamir created a chain of poultry shops in Srinagar despite


Rearing a Living

He left a lucrative job outside Kashmir to start a dairy farm in his village. Adding one cow every three months, he has diversified into poultry and sheep farming. Umar Mukhtar tells his

Web Exclusive


My family first

This is an extraordinary story of a young girl who overcame odds to make her family’s life comfortable. Zubair Sofi talks to the multi-talented girl who learned to do dialysis on her ailing


A Heart Case

In most heart-attack cases the first ‘golden hour’ is lost in chaos, traffic, or wrong diagnosis. In last two decades Kashmir has seen a surge in such cases. Saima Bhat reports how the


Shot in Darkness

Even after he raised his camera in the air to prove his identity, an indifferent cop shot a full cartridge of pellets at his face. With his one eye almost completely damaged Xuhaib,

Photo Feature

Butterflies come to pretty flowers

By Bilal Bahadur As the spring and summer bloomers make garden irresistible to the nectar lovers, love is in the air. The colour and fragrance all over is marked by days that start


Avoidable Ingress

By: Khursheed Wani The student protests in Kashmir, triggered by the avoidable ingress of government forces into Pulwama Degree College on April 15, have entered into second month. Every day a new and

Short Story

By The Banks Of Dal…

By Shabir Ahmad Mir On the bulge of Amira Kadal, I stare at the fish in their basket, murmuring between themselves about their estrangement from the Jhelum that flows underneath belligerently. Or, maybe,


Dr Tahira Khanam

Dr Tahira Khanam, a household name in Kashmir and one of the leading gynecologist breaths her last on Wednesday. She was 84. Dr Khanam qualified as gynecologist from Gwalior in 1956, which listed


My Village, My Conflict

By Syed Suhail Yaqoob An eerie of silence breaks out. Calm as dead. Leaves simply refuse to move.Chirping of birds nowhere visible, it seems walk over a graveyard. It might be a problem


Fashionable Journey

His dream is to reinvent Kashmiri traditional attires and make them fashionable again. Aabid Hussain talks to this young fashion designer from Pulwama about his journey As a young boy Shahid Rashid Bhat,


Hue And Cry

By Syed Bisma Anjum                                  My Kashmir is bleeding O blood suckers Your cruelty is preceding In all the tacks I am to raise the hue and cry You shot my brother Is



BEERWA The brief video showing a paramilitary man killing a teenage boy from a very close range on April 9, the day of elections was painful. The boy was part of a few