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Market Massacre

Zainakadal in Srinagar’s downtown has witnessed and withstood brutalities, massacres, regime changes, kings and occupiers, without losing its essence. But that was before the dawn of 90s. Shakir Mir revisits Gaade Koche massacre



Resume Talks

Every time the governments in India and Pakistan resume diplomacy and wish to move forward on issues of mutual interest, non-state actors get it and push situations back to square one. This has


Siachen Snow Storm


SIACHEN Ten more soldiers were buried alive in Siachen, the world’s highest battlefield that many suggested should be converted into a peace park. Fighting each other since 1984, armies of nuclear India and



KV Krishna Rao

Days before VP Singh government would install Jagmohan as an iron-fist ruler in Kashmir, the outgoing governor was up to something. He was frequenting 7, Race Course Road pleading to turn valley into



An Elusive Sarkar

Almost a month has eclipsed since Mufti Sayeed ruled Kashmir. With the governor N N Vohra organizing state administrative council that includes two newly appointed advisers to improve governance, the real question being



Ah! Cold

There is no cure for common cold or Zukam as such. But a few dos and don’ts can help you sail through harsh winters smoothly. Saima Bhat finds out With the first wave



Remembrance is Resistance

Mehraj Din Resistance acts as a lynchpin in understanding the struggle of human existence and liberating it from its radicalized “parochial political connotations” will help us to contextualize and trans—historicize its role in


Mohammad Mutaher

He’s Lovin’ It

After deserted by his father, the old Srinagar boy acted on his mother’s advice to script an inspiring overseas trade success for himself. Now, one of biggies in McDonald’s India operations, the man

Web Exclusive

Shakoor Parray. Photo courtesy: FB

Of Police Deserters, And AK-47

Mohammad Raafi SRINAGAR It has happened four times since last March. And every time, it apparently alarmed, if not unnerved, police rank and file. The latest came from Old Srinagar, where disgruntled SPO



Roasting a Living

Abandoned by their families these widows survive by roasting hooves in an overwhelmingly dangerous setting filled with smoke. Saima Bashir writes about their struggle for survival For Maimoona, 35, her world is confined



Islam’s Kashmir Story

For nearly 300 years, Muslim conquerors from Baghdad and Turkey tried to overtake Kashmir, then a strong Hindu kingdom. Kashmir’s Hindu lords once defeated Caliph’s Sindh general and weather prevented Mehmud Gaznavi from



Neglected Discoveries

What lies beneath is the question that has baffled archeologists for long. Perhaps the answer lies in discoveries made on and off. But an uninterested government, and resource deficit department is only erasing

Photo Feature

The walls of the hall and the rooms, whose entrance paves through lateral galleries, are decorated with colorful handmade flowers using vegetable dyes–Naqashi–where multicolor window panes changes the ambience according to the different lighting conditions of the day.

Jalali House: Kashmir’s Marvel Mansion

Jalali House tucked in a hushed neighbourhood of old city’s Zadibal is a signpost of Kashmir’s architectural marvel. Not only it draws horde of people every summer, the house has also become one



Romancing the Hammam

The sudden surge for the Hammam’s in homes has led to some innovations in the way Kashmir tries to fight winter. Saima Bhat reports the desperate market appetite for a low cost, high



Benazir Bhutto in Mehbooba Mufti

By Nayeem Showkat Khan On the other side of the border, General Zia-ul-Haq hanged Quaid-i-Awam, Zulifakar Ali Bhutto on 4th April, 1979. This news spread like wild fire across the globe. The assassination



Jihadi Jaish

Prime Minister Modi’s unscheduled Lahore visit was the most dramatic turn in India-Pakistan bonhomie, so far. As the excited diplomats were moving to implement the ‘Comprehensive Bilateral Dialogue’, the non-state actors jumped into


Young Artist

Young Artist

Fahad Mubarak s/o Mubarak Ahmad Shah of Homshalibugh (Yaripora), Kulgama is a 4th standard student at EFF EMM School Islamabad. He drew this cartoon for Kashmir Young Life.



Moments of Loss, Despair

By Hirra Sultan The light of soul may dim sometimes And the situation be all bleak The darkness slowly creeps in Aura turning all blue!   Eyes blinded by floods, Not a soul

Short Story


The ‘Possessed’ Friend

By Nadeem Shah Standing outside the black-painted gate of this three-storey house in Srinagar’s volatile Maisuma locality, Junaid moves his hand towards the doorbell. He is perspiring and nervous – a bit frightened,


Rahul Pandita

To Rahul Pandita’s Polemic

By Asif Amin Tibet Baqual Rahul Pandita! Your opinion piece in the digital daily Scroll (http://bit.ly/1PZRDRQ) piqued my interest just for the fact that how hatred can consume a person to the core